Effective Herbal Remedies For Fleas


Fleas are one deadly group. These small looking insects can cause havoc to one’s beloved pets and homes. Every summer many people invest heavily in chemical treatments against fleas which might prove effective against the intended group but often end up damaging the health of pets and kids as chemical solutions often come with side effects.


Hence, to make sure that you get rid of fleas without putting your family’s health at stake, we’ve compiled a list of some natural remedies against fleas which are not only highly effective just like their chemical counterparts but are also completely safe when it comes to the well-being of pets, children and others.

Herbal Remedies For Fleas

Lemon Spray

For your beloved pet that’s infested with fleas, you can try the lemon spray which will effectively repel the fleas. All you have to do is cut a lemon into small quarters and let them steep in warm boiling water for a whole night.

The next morning, put this liquid in a spraying bottle and spray it over your pet’s ears, head and below its legs and tail. The sprayed liquid will act as an effective repellent and will keep your pet safe from fleas.

lemon spray

Herbal Shampoo

An herbal shampoo bath for your flea infested friend is a great way to get rid of those filthy insects. Make sure that the herbal shampoo you choose contains at least 2-3 of these items- citronella, lavender, pine cedar, eucalyptus, geranium, rosemary and bergamot.

When given a nice and thorough bath with the shampoo, these constituents in the shampoo will not only help in getting rid of the existing fleas on the pet’s body but will also repel other fleas.

herbal shampoo

Diatomaceous Earth

While initial sanitization of house is highly essential, once it’s done you can cover vulnerable parts of your home with some diatomaceous earth. Diatomaceous earth is a potent tool against fleas as this talcum like substance has razor like edges on a small scale which lead to the death of fleas.

However these razor edges are absolutely harmless for pets and humans. It can also be applied on the body of pets to keep them safe from fleas. However, this powder like substance can cause lung irritation in few pets/humans and hence one must not keep a fan turned on while covering the places with Diatomaceous earth.


Lavender Essential Oil

After bathing your pet thoroughly, apply some lavender essential oil on its neck, behind its ears, at the base of its tail, below its feet and on its head. Lavender essential oil acts as an effective repellent against fleas and keeps the pets safe from their infestation.

lavender oil

 Brewer’s Yeast And Black Walnut Hulls

Adding mild garlic, brewer’s yeast or black walnut hulls in the pet’s food is a great natural way to keep your pets out of harm’s way.

These substances render an undesirable taste to the blood of the pets which doesn’t impress the fleas and keeps them away. However it’s necessary that you consult a veterinarian before using any of these substances in your pet’s food.

brewer yeast