Effective Herbal Remedies For Liver


Liver is one of the most important parts of the body as it plays a major role in digestion of food and is also the largest gland inside the body. Good health of the liver ensures a smooth digestion process whereas liver damage can result in some grave health issues such as problems with digestion of food, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, cirrhosis etc. Hence, it’s highly important that liver be taken care of.


Excessive intake of alcohol, frequent consumption of junk food, bacterial infections, viruses etc. often lead to liver damage. In order to make sure that your liver stays healthy, strong and free from harm, we are providing here a list of natural herbal remedies that will help you keep your liver in good state always. So follow any or all of the following suggestions and go the herbal way!

Best Herbal Remedies For Liver

Aloe Vera

A highly acclaimed herbal remedy, Aloe Vera is used to cure a hoard of body ailments. It has proven characteristic properties that help cure problems concerning liver.

A regular usage of this herb can help in both toning and cleansing the liver thus ensuring that it stays healthy. However, it is recommended that you consult a herbalist for specification and regulation of dosage.

aloe vera

Milk Thistle

Milk Thistle has proven its effectiveness against liver ailments in many clinical researches and trials. This herbal remedy helps reduce inflammation and liver cell damage caused by cirrhosis, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C.

The antioxidants present inside milk thistle, silydianin, silychristin and silybin, promote the growth of new and healthy liver cells and also hep in cleansing the liver. It is also great for those who suffer from liver damage due to excessive intake of alcohol. Available at all leading health food stores, one should consume it on a regular basis for best results.

milk thistle

Dandelion Root

The root of the dandelion plant is highly effective in curing liver problems. Even though all the parts of the Dandelion plant have an appreciable effect against liver damage, the root of the dandelion plant is the most effective.

The best part about this remedy is that it can be easily found and is also not much expensive. Dandelion extract can be found at any health food store near you. It helps in curing liver inflammation and cleanses the liver. The leaves of the plant boast kidney functioning.


Liver Tonic

This one is easy to prepare at home and is highly effective. It not only cleanses the liver but also promotes great liver health. All you have to do is take a glass of water and add some teaspoons of garlic oil, few teaspoons of lemon juice and just one tablespoon of olive oil into it. Drink this tonic on a daily basis before your morning meal.

health tonic


Another amazing herbal remedy for liver, Artichoke boasts liver functionality and helps in regeneration of new liver cells.

What’s more it also promotes the production of bile juice in the liver which further helps in better digestion. Its impressive healing properties help in rejuvenating the liver and provide relief from liver damage.