Effective Home Remedies For Constipation


How To Prevent And Treat Constipation At Home Constipation is a type of digestive disorders due to which the bowel movements do not function properly. Constipation is one of the major symptoms for many of the serious illness like rheumatism, cataract, high blood pressure, cancer etc.

This is one among the commonly seen digestive disorders and people of any age group can get affected by this disease. The patient may find complexity in removing stools due to the constipation.

Causes of constipation

Intake of improper diet is the foremost cause for the constipation and other digestive diseases. Diminished intake of fibrous food items can result in constipation.

Inadequate intake of water may also result in constipation. Increased consumption of tea, coffee, meat etc. is another cause for constipation and other digestive disorders. Eating meals in a hurry without sufficient chewing can cause constipation and is considered as one of the chief reasons for the disease.

Overeating and unbalanced grouping of food items may also cause constipation. Lack of exercises and other physical activities is another reason behind the problem of constipation. Sensational stresses and strains can cause constipation.

Symptoms of constipation

The patient may find it hard to pass the stools due to hardening of it. The person may also have a coated tongue which is a symptom for constipation.

The person affected by constipation may also suffer from bad breath which is a warning sign for the disease. Headache and insomnia are chief among the symptoms of constipation. The patient may also suffer from depression and nausea. Oral ulcer is considered as another symptom for constipation.

The patient may feel discomfort and restless which is a symptom for constipation. The patient may sometimes suffer from acidity, heartburn etc. along with constipation which are considered as main symptoms for the disease.

Home remedied for constipation

Bengal quince is proved to be valuable in the treatment of constipation. Almost all fruits are found to be helpful in curing constipation and the best among them is the Bengal quince also known as bael fruit. Consuming bael fruits daily before the dinner can be helpful in cleaning the bowels and thus can cure the trouble of constipation.

Pear is an important remedy in the case of constipation. Following an influential diet of this fruit can be useful in curing the constipation. Taking a normal sized pear every day can also be helpful in curing the constipation.

Guava is another best home remedy in the case of constipation. Guava can be eaten along with its seeds which can provide roughage to our body and hence can help in cleaning the bowels. Consuming one or two guavas every day can be considered to be a part of the treatment and is very effective in curing the constipation.

Cassia is proved to be valuable in curing constipation. The pulp of cassia can be taken daily which is found to have no side effects. This helps in cleaning the bowel system as well as providing refreshment to our mind.

Grapes are excellent in healing constipation as well as other digestive disorders. Being a laxative food, grapes can clear the bowels as well as help in healing the serious disorders of constipation. About 400 gram of grapes can be consumed daily for the best results of the treatment. Raisins are also used in the treatment for constipation instead of grapes. Raisins can be soaked in clean water for about a day and can be consumed along with the water.

How To Prevent And Treat Constipation At Home

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Constipation can be alleviated using oranges which is a good home remedy used in the early days. One or two oranges can be eaten before going to sleep as well as after waking up. This is verified to be very efficient in curing the disease completely.

Figs are best among the other home remedies and are very effective in healing any of the digestive problems. Both fresh as well as dried figs are found to be curative due to its laxative properties. Papaya is another fruit which is found to be beneficial in curing constipation. An average sized papaya can be consumed every day as a part of the treatment.

Spinach is regarded as an important medicine for constipation. Spinach is one among the fundamental foods for the good health of the whole digestive tract. About 100 ml of freshly prepared spinach juice can be taken after diluting with same amount of water. Taking this twice a day is considered to be very valuable in healing constipation.

Daily intake of warm lime water is proved to be beneficial in curing the problem of constipation. Taking a lime juice along with a little of salt can help in preventing constipation as well as help in keeping our mind fresh.

Flax seeds are chief among the other home cures for the problem of constipation. About a tablespoon of flax seeds can be mixed in a cup of water and can be kept undisturbed for 3 to 4 hours. Take this infusion before sleeping as this is helpful in providing a cleaned bowel system for the next day.

Another important home remedy in the case of constipation is chebulic myrobalan. The pulp of this fruit can be taken along with a little of rock salt and can be spiced with cinnamon for taste. Regular consumption of this infusion can be helpful in healing constipation.

Tips to be followed

We should drink about 8 glasses of water per day which is found to be a very effective tip to prevent the problem of constipation and is even helpful in the case of other digestive disorders.

Dried food items should be avoided and consume a diet containing a sufficient amount of water and ghee. Rice should be avoided from the daily diet when suffering from constipation. Wheat can be taken instead of rice which is a good diet when suffering from constipation.

Fresh fruits as well as vegetables particularly green leafy vegetables can be added abundantly in the diet which is very useful in preventing constipation and other digestive diseases. Food items like beans, cabbages, mushrooms are hard to be digested and hence avoiding these food items can be useful in relieving from the constipation.