7 Home Remedies For Inflammation


7 Remedies For Inflammation

A recent study has proved that Witch Hazel, White Tea and Rose Tincture are the three ancient remedies efficient in healing inflammation and have ample of clinical value.

Inflammation can even give rise to cancer and so it is named as the ‘secret killer’. Once you have discovered the source of inflammation start applying the best home remedies. Here are the most effective home remedies that can cure inflammation.

7 Effective Home Remedies For Inflammation

Try The Heat Cold Therapy

Inflammation is highly reduced by the application of cold and heat alternately in the affected area. Heat results in improved flexibility and muscle tension is also reduced while you can feel numbness when cold is applied.

Cold Therapy For Inflammation

This therapy helps to cure severe inflammation. You must follow some useful ways when utilizing this therapy. Heating pads, hot packs, hot baths, and paraffin wax are the various heat therapies used. On the other hand, ice packs, showers and cold baths are the ways of applying cold therapy.

The Culinary Herb Ginger

Ginger has properties that can fight inflammation. Ginger works well for all types of inflammation and especially for people who are affected by gastrointestinal problems. So add more Ginger to your diet, you can also drink Ginger tea when you are infected with inflammation.

Ginger For Inflammation

Turmeric The Great Antiseptic

This bright yellow spice is a very effective remedy for curing any kind of inflammation. Turmeric contains ‘curcumin’ which is an anti-inflammatory substance and this is a special property of this zesty spice. Turmeric can heal inflammations like ulcerative colitis, osteoarthritis and uveitis.

The common way of consuming turmeric is to add it to the food while cooking but you can also brew it into tea. If you intake an average of .5 to 3 grams of turmeric a day, you can get rid of inflammation.

Turmeric For Inflammation

Drink Fenugreek Tea

A cup of Fenugreek tea helps to cure inflammation and it is also very useful when applied externally over the affected area. So, Fenugreek is an excellent home remedy for inflammation. It is advisable to drink two cups of fenugreek tea daily to heal inflammation.

Fenugreek Tea For Inflammation

Cayenne Pepper Is Effective

Cayenne Pepper is effective in reducing inflammation due to its heat generating capability.An ingredient named ‘Capsaicin’ contained in Pepper does the wonder. But you must always intake low doses of Cayenne throughout the day.

Cayenne Pepper For Inflammation

Rosemary Is Useful

It is a kitchen herb that contains the very useful ‘ursolic acid’ which is very useful in curing inflammation. Rosemary has expectorant, cholagogue, antispasmodic, , antirheumatic, analgesic and diuretic. If you are suffering from inflammation, it must be consumed upto 100 mg daily.

Rosemary For Inflammation

Take Extra Care Of Your Diet

When you have been affected by inflammation always have anti-inflammatory food. It is mandatory to take care of your diet. Your diet should be rich in Flavonoids so have more Spinach, Onions, Strawberries and all berries available.

Eat lot of green vegetables, foods rich in Vitamic C and E, Cauliflower, Broccoli, Sprouts, Herring fish, Salmon, Olive oil and all other food rich in anti-oxidants.

Diet For Inflammation

Try to consume papaya fruit and Pineapple daily as both the fruits contain enzyme called ‘Bromelain’ useful in curing inflammation. If you smoke and drink it is recommended to stop these habits. Apply home remedies and following the right diet will help you to cure inflammation.