Effective Home Remedies for Joint Pain

Joint pain is a common symptom of arthritis. Arthritis may affect one or many bone joints of our body. There are various factors causing arthritis. It is a common problem of old aged people. The inflammation of bursitis is responsible for the joint pain. These fluid filled bursitis allow free movement to the muscles and bones by providing cushion and pad like structure. Inflammation to these bursitis cause joint pain.

The factors like arthritis, joint injury, tendinitis and joint wound can also be a reason for the joint pain. Body movement becomes quite difficult due to joint pain. In old age joint pain becomes very miserable. It is because the blood circulation in old age becomes quite slow and this exaggerates the joint pain.

Most of the people take over the counter medications for getting a quick relief from the joint pain. However, the long term and excessive consumption these medications can lead to various other health complications. There are a number of home based remedies available for joint pain. Consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables is good for avoiding joint problems.

Food containing a good amount of calcium is advisable for making bones strong. In case the joint pain is severe a massage with oil can give relief from the pain. Taking garlic on a regular basis is a wonderful remedy for a number of health disorders. Consumption of two garlic cloves on a regular basis is very effective remedy for avoiding joint problems.

A warm bath provides a quick relief from the joint pain. Winter cherry when taken with ghee is very helpful for joint pains. Take two spoonful of winter cherry, mix some ghee and molasses and make porridge. Taking this porridge on regular basis will keep away the joint pain. Tea made from papaya seeds is also very helpful in avoiding joint pain. Take this tea 3 or four times a day, you will find that you joint pain is gone. Taking turmeric mixed in hot milk is a common and effective home remedy for joint pain. This makes the bones strong and avoids joint pain. In case the symptoms are persistent, you are advised to consult a doctor.

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