Effective Natural Cures For Epilepsy


Natural Cures For Epilepsy Seizures associated with nervous disorders can be controlled by using some natural therapies. With epilepsy being treated with a group of holistic methods the chances of recurring diminishes gradually over the longer run.

Epilepsy is quite a critical disorder to be cured using natural remedies. Still many techniques are there to provide relief and minimize the conditions associated with the same. The most effective techniques used to address the issues related to this disorder are:

Tips To Cure Epilepsy Naturally

Staying Away From Artificial Sweeteners

Avoiding sucrose present in the artificial sweeteners can help inhibit seizures effectively. As hypoglycemia largely contributes to the prognosis of these seizures, sugar free diet goes a long way in providing relief.

Opting For Ketogenic Diet

This is a diet which is highly restricted in calories having an apt protein to carbohydrate ratio. The seizures go down significantly as the ratio is strictly followed in the diet mechanism.

Opting For Ketogenic Diet

The reason for its effectiveness being the state of ketosis it provides. Some additional measures related to fluid intake needs to be maintained in order to keep the specific gravity of the urine intact.

Natural Techniques

Some of the noted mentions include the usage of passiflora alongside scullcap which have known effects in soothing the nervous system to great proportions and maintains the normal level of brain functioning.

Using Folic Acid

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Low folate levels can cause ailments related to hearts and can also lead to multiple seizures. Vitamin B6 in sufficient quantities can help reduce the risk associated.

Biotin Usage

Using this as supplement in appropriate quantity can help develop an anti-convulsant regime which in turn can help reduce the effects of epilepsy.

Incorporating Zinc In Daily Use

Deficiencies of zinc are known to cause abrupt seizures. Proper supplementation of zinc can help correct the pertinent problems associated with epilepsy as the patients suffering are known to have responded better with this treatment.

Epsom Salt Supplementation

This remedy can be attributed to the use of magnesium in correcting disorders related to epilepsy and seizures respectively.

Epsom Salt

The specified quantities of magnesium can be availed by taking Epsom salt as a daily supplement alongside the normal diet. A small dosage of half a tablespoon each morning can help pacify the seizures considerably.

Using Valerian

This is a special form of antispasmodic medication which is prevalent mostly in the European countries. Also known for its multiple sedative effects, this also has a anti-convulsing action on the muscles. Helps increase concentration levels and the low doses are highly recommended to avoid the high sedative effects attached.

Staying Away From Harmful Radiations

Overexposure to alarming radiations from television and related sources can aggravate the conditions largely. These must be avoided and proximity to natural colors need to be induced to reduce the epileptic occurrences.

Effectiveness Of Lobelia

Effectiveness Of Lobelia

This is also known as the Indian tobacco which is known to have effects related to muscle relaxation. This form is commonly smoked and an important component to reduce the effects associated with epilepsy and recurring seizures.

Proper Diet

Keratonic and Atkins diet needs to be followed to cure the longer tails pertaining to epilepsy. Vitamin E rich food products need to be included in the daily diet to reduce the seizures considerably.

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