Effective Natural Treatments For ADHD


ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, can cause an individual to become hyperactive, inattentive, or both.

ADHD is most common with children and can be noticed when they forget about their homework continuously, stare out into open space, become confused easily, or feels difficulty/ inappropriate learning in normal ‘controlled’ environment. Mostly, it is seen that they are fidgety and fail to just stay at one place for a prolonged time.

Treatment of this disease is mainly done by medication, but it’s been noticed recently, that these medications are not helping the state of these patients in any way; if anything, they seem to worsen, the patients condition in some cases. So it’s a natural sign for the parents took to turn towards a more natural and effective approach.

Natural, alternative, treatment of this condition may include several ways to deal with it; such as, Ayurveda, herbal supplements, exercises and other home-made natural edibles. So if your child, or a close one, is suffering from this condition and you are getting no positive results from medication you’ve come to the right place. Let’s hope that the list of natural treatments that are about to follow, helps in the cure of the individual.


As our diet structure, the food we eat, commits to a high percentage of our brain structure, it is essential to know what food must be avoided by the ADHD patients, so that they may not go around worsening the situation. Parents should ‘try out’ the natural dietary ways, in small amounts, so that if the patient turns allergic to a particular material, it may be stopped.

Some Of These Foods You May Want To Strike Off The Regular Diet Of The Patient:

Sugar (or any dish with a high quantity of sugar in it), Hydrogenated Vegetable oils (with the exception of coconut oil), Milk, Junk/Fried food, pastries, color/flavoring additives, Eggs, wheat, corn, etc. Some human-made products that the patient, if can should, be away from are: antiperspirants, pesticides, shampoos, etc.

Include in your child’s, or the patient’s, diet, a good amount of fiber intake. It helps even out the amount of adrenaline in the body. Some rich sources of fiber may include fresh fruits, whole grained foods, nuts, etc. Avoid having foods and fruits, with preservatives and additives.  If possible, and consulted with a doctor, have a regular dose of vitamin supplement, or a good source of vitamin and protein, is prescribed. They will help the mind to keep a steady focus. Feed the patient, almost, every 2-3 hours; that is, a well balance diet, high on protein (especially Magnesium, calcium, zinc and B complex).

Some other dietary habits that may help an ADHD patient are Flaxseed oil, Green tea and I-theanine. In addition to all this one should not forget to drink plenty of water, a calculated intake of carbohydrate and very low amount of fat.


This is one treatment that has got an immense positive response, in treating the ADHD patients. Apparently exercise is a medication in itself. It is proved to be more effective than medication. The positive point in using exercise as a medication is that, it helps in improving the overall performance and health of an individual; and not curing just ADHD. It is seen that even walking, in a week at regular intervals, for a prolonged period of time of about half a year, can help improve the condition of the brain activity. Whereas martial arts help in decreasing the aggression, hostility, etc. This is because the system of our body’s attention/focus is related with exercise routine.

Certain exercises, like running, make the brain produce a certain kind of secretion called, endorphins; this secretion makes the individual ‘feel good’. It tranquilizes and soothes the brain, and relives the muscle pain. So it is advised that the individuals with this condition, tries out exercising, at least 3-4 times a week; if not anything, try doing cardio exercises. If exercising is not a thing to include in the individual’s routine, one should at least try and walk to local places of job, or recreation. Try to get the patient under the sun; it helps. Exercise gives the body a way to ‘vent out’ the extra energy that one patient feels.

Meditation And Tai Chi

It has long been proved that mediation has the power to improve almost any kind of difficulties one faces, with brain. Meditation may be hard for the individual at first; so it is advised that one gets him/herself involved in regular, activities, exercises and then after a while, indulges in meditation. Just sitting in one place, and counting the steady inhaling and exhaling of the breath; or softly and slowly, without any hurry, counting the numbers (1-100) or reverse (10-0). It should be taken into account that the individual is perfectly still while meditating; he/she should not hurry himself/herself to finish the exercise. Meditation not only helps in various ailments but also helps in having a very positive effect on you and your outlook over your life. It may change your life for good.

Natural Supplements     

There are some supplements that you may look toward, for helping in the recovery of this condition. Amino acid is a kind of moderate stimulant, not too hard on the individual. It can be supplemented by having a dose of L-tyrosine, 500-1500mg daily (3 times a day). To have maximum effect, take the medication before meals. Individuals suffering from depression, anxiety, etc. may also have the 5htp, 50-100mg (3 times a day).If one doesn’t want the involvement of synthetic drugs, he/she may take these natural supplements for help.

For once, medications offer a comparatively lesser chance of improvement in an individual, than the natural way. Though medications offer lesser chance, still doctors are preferably to be consulted before starting any natural supplement; whereas in case of the meditation, tai chi and dietary control, one may start the ‘doses’ immediately, even without the consultation of a doctor. Natural treatment for the condition of ADHD, offers a great chance of recovery and coupling it with exercise and dietary control it’s the best.