Effective Natural Ways To Increase Memory

By the word “memory”, we understand a person’s intelligence and the ability of mind to retain recollect and store information. A healthy brain improves memory and concentration and also reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s and many other diseases.
There are a number of ways to better brainpower and increase overall health. Some of them are described as under:
Neurobic Exercises: Exercises play a vital role in increasing memory. Certain exercises can make new associations with different brain parts. These neurobics include: getting dressed or showering in the dark, brushing the teeth using opposite hand, switching our normal way of wearing things to the other side like wearing bracelet/ wristwatch in the opposite hand, etc.
Meditation: In meditation, one has to sit with eyes closed and paying full attention to the breath. It is a way to relax us, clear our mind and thereby making ourselves totally ready to conduct any mental tasks.
Limit our intake of alcohol: Our brain volume becomes lower and lower with the more intake of alcohol. Scientists have found that low to moderate level of intake of alcohol protects the brain, but brain shrinks with heavy drinking. Minimum alcohol consumption can increase the health of brain.
Trying something new: Active brain can slow the declining power of brain that comes with age down. Solving math problems, puzzle games and games relating mental tasks, trying to learn a new language, music also helps to increase memory.
Writing: A very good exercise of brain is writing. It is a way to clarify our thinking habit, to recall things more easily in the future. Story-writing, note-taking, diaries, poetry are some of the ways to boost brainpower.
Sleeping well: Our brain requires plenty of energy to conduct an activity throughout the day. Sleep helps in boosting memory thereby allowing our brain to process information. A certain amount of sleep is necessary, probably a minimum of five hours a day – the quality of sleep being more important than quantity. For some people, short naps in the afternoon help a lot in recharging the brain.
Avoid sugar and food causing subtle allergies: Food including wheat, corn, peanuts, and dairy products can cause digestive problems and brain fog for some people. Simple intake of carbohydrates can also cause brain fog resulting in sluggish feeling and making it difficult to think clearly. On has to watch himself very carefully to find out if we have a problem with any of these foods or products. It is better to avoid pasta, sugars, and potato chips before any mental tasks.
If one follows these tips, he/she will be rewarded with increased mental acuity and the power of retention of knowledge. The only challenge is the will to adhere to them.