Effective Tips For Beauty and Skin Care

Beauty and Skin Care Coming face to face with the realities of everyday stress, poor eating habits and lack of  a healthy lifestyle can bring about anxiety and feelings of distress.

However taking out a little time for beauty and skin care and paying attention to simple things that help in bringing about positive changes in your looks and fitness, go a long way in bringing back your charm and smile.

Tips For Beauty and Skin Care

Cutting Down On Skin And Beauty Care Products

Well, you may have spent a lot of time and money on your collection of cosmetic skin and beauty care products but have they really brought about the promised natural glow and radiance? Just take stock and cut back on the products on your rack.


An organic face wash to match your skin type helps in removing the traces of dirt, germs and pollutants from your face. The pores on your skin need to remain unclogged and clear to alleviate the chances of acne eruption and other distressing skin conditions.


Along with a face cleanser, you can also invest in a mild body wash and loofah to clean all parts of your body during your daily bath or shower. It is important to avoid products which have high chemical bases or alkaline content. Wash your face and body with clean water and the cleaner and pat dry with a soft towel.

Moisturizers and Lotions

A moisturizer mixed with sunscreen for the daytime prevents the skin from drying and prevents exposure to the ultra violet rays of the sun and direct sunlight. Dab the face moisturizer while the face is still damp and allow it to dry naturally.

moisturize your skin

A gentle massage helps the skin in absorbing the moisturizer well. Care should be taken to avoid using chemical based formulas as they make the skin rough and dry and cause concerning skin conditions. A moisturizer which acts as an effective night cream should be applied before going to sleep-but after removing all traces of makeup, dust and grime.

A soft and mild moisturizer, as per your skin type and weather conditions, can be applied on all parts of the body for retaining its natural moisture and suppleness.

Beauty Sleep And Relaxation

The signs of stress on the skin and face make it look listless and devoid of natural shine and glamour. If you are cutting back on your sleep and relaxation hours, then you are bound to suffer from dark circles under the eye, several skin problems and a lifeless skin.

Beauty Sleep And Relaxation

The skin needs rest and it is important to include at least 8 hours of good sleep in the daily routine. Simple relaxation techniques such as watching light programs on the television, listening to music, yoga and meditation, go a long way in relaxing the skin of the face and body alike.

Healthy Food And Exercise

All skin and beauty care tips are incomplete without mention of the intake of a nutritious and healthy diet and proper exercise regime. Fresh fruits and vegetables, tossed salads and juices should replace high calorie food and cooked items.

Cutting down on fatty content, carbohydrates and starch, helps in bringing back a natural glow to the skin and making it look and feel much healthier. Along with positive changes in the diet, it is also important to start off an exercise regime which helps in burning the extra calories and making the skin breathe better.