10 Tips For Fair Skin


10 Tips For Fair Skin

Most of us like a fair skin like the fairytale princess snow-white but all of us are not blessed with that. You can make your skin fair by 2-3 shades through regular care, some precautionary measures and dieting. To get a fair skin instantly, people sometimes use harsh chemicals which damage your skin in the long run. Moreover, they become the major cause of some diseases like depression, kidney disorder and cancer.

These products are costly too. So go for the natural products for better results. These products are less expensive and are easily available in your kitchen and refrigerator. Use them to get a fair skin. This article will give you tips on their uses.

10 Tips To Get Fair Skin


Lemon For Fair Skin

Lemon is a natural acid and you can use it in different ways to get the fair skin. Cut one lemon into two halves and rub one portion on your skin daily. Use it daily. Lemon juice helps to remove sunburn and gives you a comparatively fair skin within a few days. Squeeze one lemon and extract the juice. Mix some chilled water to dilute the juice.

This dilute juice is for some sensitive skin because raw lemon juice may create irritation or burning sensation on soft skin. Dab one cotton and apply the dilute juice on your skin everyday and get a fair skin within a few days. Take some chilled milk and mix few drops of lemon juice in it. Apply it all over skin (especially those were exposed) after coming from sun at day time. Leave it for 15-20 minutes and then wash it with water. Regular use of this product makes you fair effectively.


Aloevera is a wonderful product to remove any type of burn and scar marks and to make you fair. You can use aloevera gel solely on your skin or you can mix it with other products. Store aloevera gel in refrigerator and apply it daily on clear skin. Use it everyday and get a fair skin. You can mix honey with aloevera gel.

Aloe Vera For Fair Skin

Honey being a good conditioner nourishes your skin and makes it healthy. A healthy skin always looks fair and glowing. Mix some amount of honey with aloevera gel and apply that on your skin. Everyday uses of this combination enhance the glow of the skin and it looks fairer. You can also mix sandalwood paste with aloevera gel.

Both aleovera and sandalwood is a cool substance and make your skin cool and removes sunburn and other damages that are done by scorching heat of the sun. Apply a thick layer of aleovera and sandalwood paste over your face, neck and hands everyday and get a fairer skin within few days.


Yogurt, being natural bleach makes your skin fair within few days. Beat some yogurt and apply that on your skin everyday at least 10 minutes before going to take bath. Everyday use of yogurt helps to lighten your skin within a week. To enhance its power you can mix little amount of honey. Yogurt and chickpea powder combination is a good scrubber and it helps to exfoliate the skin.

Yogurt For Fair Skin

Regular exfoliation of the skin is must to make your skin fair. Mix yogurt and chickpea powder to make a smooth paste. Apply the paste and massage it properly on your skin. It will help to remove dirt, grease and dead skin from the outer layer of the skin and will make your skin radiant. Everyday use of this pack makes your skin fair.


Milk is a natural element that makes your skin fair by supplying nourishment and keeping it clear. Milk and baking powder is a good combination that makes your skin fair. Take 2-3 tablespoons of chilled milk and apply that on your face and neck. Keep it for half an hour and then wash with chilled water.

Practice this method every alternate day and get a fairer skin within fortnight. Mix a teaspoon almond paste and 2-3 strings of saffron with milk. Keep it for hours so that the saffron releases the beautiful color. Preserve the milk in refrigerator and massage this saffron colored milk on your skin daily. Everyday massage of this milk will make your skin fair and beautiful.

Milk For Fair Skin

Potato Juice

Potato juice is a good natural product that bleaches your skin.Grate one fresh potato and extract the juice. Apply this juice everyday on your skin. You will soon get a fair skin.

Potato Juice For Fair Skin

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Cucumber, Basil And Mint Juice

Grate one cucumber and extract the juice. Crush some fresh mint leaves and basil leaves and extract the juice. Mix it with cucumber juice. Add few drops of lemon juice in it. Mix well and keep it in refrigerator. Apply it everyday with the help of a cotton ball in the evening after coming home from your work place. This helps to repair the damage that you got outside and makes your skin fair.

Cucumber, Basil And Mint Juice For Fair Skin

Turmeric And Milk

Turmeric is an excellent product to make your skin fair. Take some fresh pieces of raw turmeric and grind it into smooth paste. Mix some chilled milk with it and apply it on your skin. Let it dry and then wash with soapy water. Instead of milk you can also use pure coconut oil. Daily use of turmeric helps to make your skin fair.

Turmeric And Milk For Fair Skin


Ripe red tomato is good for skin and it makes your skin fair, prevents age marks and brings a pink tinge on your skin. Mash the tomato and apply it on your skin. To enhance its power you may add few drops of lemon juice in it. Use it regularly and watch a noticeable change on your skin.

Tomato For Fair Skin


Drink adequate water to keep your skin hydrated because water helps to remove toxins from the body and enhance the shines of the skin and thus makes your skin fair. Eat lots of fresh fruits, vegetables and yogurt to hydrate and nourish your skin. A dehydrated and malnourished skin looks dark automatically.

Diet For Fair Skin

Proper Precaution

Take some precautionary measures to protect your skin from sunburn because it makes your skin tan and dark. Wear full sleeved clothes at daytime when you go outside. Apply sunscreen on your skin and use sunglasses, umbrella and hat to protect your skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun. Thus little precaution will keep your skin fair. Go through the article and follow these tips religiously. Soon get a fair and beautiful skin without doing any further damage to your skin.

Proper Precaution For Fair Skin