Effective Tips To Prevent Jet Lag

When arriving in a new country whether it is on holiday or on business, the one thing that troubles all of us the most is jet lag. The difference in time zones leaves you feeling sleepy during the day and all energetic in the evening. Try a few of the things listed below and hopefully you will arrive feeling fresh and alert for your business meeting or will have all the energy to hop onto that early morning sight seeing tour.

One of the simple things to do is trying to adjust your sleep timings to that of your arriving country a few days before departure. Though this seems simple but for most of us it is just not practical, however, if you are lucky to have a weekend just before departing, do this over the weekend. If your arrival into your destination country is in the morning, make sure to get good rest on the flight. If you are a light sleeper and find it difficult to catch a nap when traveling, ask your physician to prescribe you a medicine which can help you.

When you reach your hotel, even if you are tired and sleepy, make an effort to move out and catch some sunlight. The natural light helps awaken your system. Try going out shopping or move about in the city looking around. If you are there on a holiday, your spirits are bound to be high and this will not be that difficult to do. If you are on business, do not stay in the hotel and try and finish off the last minute paper work.

When you are outside, you are forcing your body to adjust to the new time zone you are in. Eat a light lunch and of course drink a lot of coffee. If it is too hot for coffee, choose other drinks which have caffeine in it. Try and sleep by 7 pm, this way you get the required amount of sleep your body will require to recuperate.

However, if you are arriving at your destination in the night, try and do the exact opposite. Stay awake on the flight, enjoy the in-flight entertainment or ask the flight attendant to serve you coffee. After you’ve checked into your hotel, take a hot bath, order in some hot soup and take some rest. The next day force yourself to wake up at a regular time. Even if you’ve managed to get only a few hours of sleep, do not sleep till noon, wake up and try going about the day with your regular activities.