7 Tips To Cure Swelling In Ankles


Painless swelling in ankles is a common problem. It affects men and women alike. Swelling in ankles can be caused due to sitting for a prolonged period of time with your legs suspended, long hours of travelling in the car or in an aero plane. Some women get swollen ankles during pregnancy due to weight gain. A sedentary lifestyle and old age are also common factors for swelling in ankles.

Swelling in Ankles

Swelling in ankles can be treated in many ways. You have to take small measures to prevent and cure swelling in ankles without resorting to harmful medicines. Consult a doctor to determine the root cause for the swelling if it is not cured by trying the following methods.

Treatment For Swelling In Ankles

Healthy Diet

You should reduce salt intake to prevent fluid retention and oedema in the ankles. Eat a high fibre diet in form of fresh vegetables like cabbage, cucumber, tomato and radish etc. They help in proper functioning of the bowels and also increase the flow of urine to flush out toxins from the body and thus help to reduce swelling in ankles.

Drink lots of fluids like water, fruit and vegetable juices and soups, but avoid drinking carbonated beverages as they contain sodium which may aggravate or cause swelling in ankles.

Healthy Diet

Regular Exercise

Regular exercise stimulates blood circulation and it prevents blood from accumulating in your legs and feet. Brisk walking and jogging are excellent form of exercises for treating swollen ankles.

Ankle exercises like ankle rotations and stretching exercises help to reduce swelling and maintain flexibility of the joints. Certain yoga asanas, such as Sarvanga asana and Uttanpada asana help to prevent and treat swelling in ankles by reversing the blood flow to the heart.

Regular exercise

Keep Your Feet Elevated

When lying on the bed or a recliner, elevate your feet at 12 inches above the heart to reduce swelling in ankles. Keep 2-3 cushions under the feet or place 3-4 hard bound books under the mattress for elevation.


Elastic Bandage

Tie a crepe bandage during the day to treat swelling in ankles. It provides support to muscles that support the ankles and it prevents fluid retention in the area.

Keep your toes exposed for air circulation. Do not tie the bandage too tight as this may hamper with proper blood circulation.

Elastic bandage


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Wear Support Stockings

Medical support stockings also help to reduce swelling in ankles. Wear them while travelling for long hours and while standing for a prolonged period of time.


Cold Compress

Apply ice pack on swollen ankles to reduce swelling. You can do this with the help of a cold gel pack or with crushed ice pack.

You can wrap a pack of frozen peas in muslin and use it as a cold compress. Do this treatment two to three times a day.

cold compress

Hot Fomentation

Soak your feet in a bucket full of hot water. Add one tea spoon Epsom salt to it. It helps to reduce swelling and pain in ankles. Regular fomentation provides permanent relief for swelling in ankles.

Hot Fomentation