Effects of Daily Exercise on Physical and Mental Health

Exercising daily makes a huge difference. You will notice the change in your body once you start a regular exercise routine. Exercising helps to keep you fit and keeps a host of diseases away. Exercising daily keeps you healthy, helps to maintain your body weight, keeps you stable and overall helps to improve the quality of life.

The thought of exercise tends to scare most people, but you must keep in mind, that the benefits that you reap from this exercise is numerous. You need not keep dedicated time allotted to exercise but try and incorporate it into your daily activities. If you normally use the elevator at home or at the work place; use the stairs instead. Walking up and down the stairs will help to build your resistance and tone the muscles on your thighs. Walk in shopping malls instead of using the escalators and around the supermarket. Try and carry a shopping basket around instead of a wheel cart. The weight that you carry will help to tone your muscles on your arms.

If your goal is to lose weight then you need to have a dedicated exercise routine and will need to take time out of your schedule to exercise regularly. This will help in the long run. For weight loss you must walk briskly for 30 minutes daily. This will help to burn calories and fats and help to maintain healthy weight. You must also include aerobics and cardio workouts in your schedule. These help to tone the muscles and get rid of cellulite.

If you suffer from diabetes; then exercising regularly will be really beneficial for you. It will help to decrease the dose of insulin you use daily.

In order to reduce cholesterol and fats and fight heart related disorders you must exercise 30 minutes daily. Walking will help to reduce bad cholesterol, increases the amounts of good cholesterol in your body and reduces fats thereby keeping life threatening diseases at bay.

Exercise helps to strengthen the bones and therefore keeps the risk of osteoporosis at bay. It can also reverse the effect of bone loss in many adults. Exercising also helps to take your mind of daily stressors and hence keeps you in good mental health.