8 Excellent Smelly Feet Remedies


8 Remedies For Smelly Feet

Smelly feet are really an embarrassing situation and it is a very common problem. In work place or in front of our guest when our feet start to emit odor we become embarrassed and confused and often get puzzled about that. But we can treat smelly feet naturally with our home products. This article will help you in this matter.

Excellent Smelly Feet Remedies

Regular Cleaning

Clean your foot daily with hot water. It is a primary duty. Odor is created when bacteria come in contact of sweat. Boil water and mix a table spoon of salt in it. Soak your feet in this water for 15-20 minutes. Then wipe it dry with a soft and clean cloth. Then massage some foot cream on your feet. Salt helps to kill bacteria that cause bad smell.

Regular Cleaning For Smelly Feet

Soapy Water

Wash your feet with soapy fragrant water at least twice daily. Do not forget to wipe them dry. After washing with soap you must massage moisturizer on your feet.

Soapy Water For Smelly Feet


Lemon is a good natural medicine for bacteria. Being acidic, it controls the sweat secretion of the feet. Moreover lemon has a sweat smell. Cut a lemon into two pieces. Take one piece and rub that on your feet.

Wait for 10-15 minutes and then wash your feet with plain water. Or you can do another thing. Squeeze one lemon in hot water. Soak your feet in that water. Take this foot bath at least once in a day. Within few days you will get the benefit.

Lemon For Smelly Feet


 is antiseptic. Boil 2 teaspoons tea leaves in 4-5 cup of water. Wait and keep the lid on to make the thick liquor. Strain the tea and soak your feet in it for 10 minutes everyday. You will get rid of foot odor very soon.

Tea Liquor For Smelly Feet


Neem water is another excellent smelly feet remedy. Take some fresh neem leaves and boil it in water. Boil it for a long time and reduce the water in one third amount. Strain the water and preserve it in refrigerator. Use few drops of this neem water in warm water to wash your feet.

After that take a cotton ball and soak it in raw neem water. Wipe your feet with this cotton. Neem water is a good astringent and it controls the perspiration of feet which is one of the main causes of smelly feet. Having antibacterial quality, it kills germs that create odor.

Neem For Smelly Feet


Turmeric is an excellent natural medicine to cure feet odor creating bacteria. Take some raw turmeric and grind them into smooth paste. Then apply that paste on feet. Wait till they get dried. Then wash your feet with warm water.

Turmeric For Smelly Feet


Vinegar is a good medicine for smelly feet. Take 2-3 table spoons of vinegar in a bucket of water. Then soak your feet in it for half an hour. Vinegar treatment also cures the smelly feet.

Vinegar For Smelly Feet

Cotton Socks And Clean Shoes

Wear cotton socks and wash them regularly. Wear one pair of socks for one day. Do not wear synthetic socks. Wash your shoes daily if it is washable. But if it is made of leather, do not wash. Place them under bright sunshine for some hours to make it germ free. Do not get worried you can cure smelly feet of your own easily with natural products.

Clean Socks And Shoes For Smelly Feet