Enjoy A Good Sleep During Night

Dyssomnia, wakefulness and insomnia are the terms used for describing the sleeplessness during night. In insomnia you may feel difficulty in falling sleep and it takes a long time before you go a deep sleep. In some cases the person suffering from insomnia wakes up early in the morning. The person suffering from this disease could not enjoy a good sleep and as a result he doesn’t feel rested in the next morning. He might experience the problem of low energy level, drowsiness, lack of concentration etc. The major reasons for insomnia are stress, depression, consumption of certain drugs, consumption of excessive amount of alcohol, change in life pattern etc. Apart from this you may face the problem of sleeplessness if you suddenly stop taking alcohol or a particular type of drug.

The insomnia can lead to a feeling of reduced body energy level, undesired to work, irritation, disorientation and difficulty in performing the daily activities at home or office. You can find dark circles under the eyes of the person suffering from insomnia. It may also affect your memory in some cases. If you find a consistent problem of sleeplessness during night, you should consult a doctor. In most of the cases the stress and depression are the reason for insomnia and hence, if you are under depression a psychiatrist may help you in treatment of insomnia. Though, the number of hours slept for a complete rest may vary person to person from as low as 4 hours to as high as 10 hours. So, it totally depends upon you that the number of hours you slept is sufficient for you or not. Occasional sleeplessness should not be taken seriously as it may happen with anybody.

As insomnia is becoming a common problem and most of people suffering from insomnia take sleeping pills. However, taking sleeping pills is not a permanent treatment for insomnia. A long-term use of these pills may make you dependent and may produce no more sleep when you take your regular doses. Consequently, you have to increase your dose and the story gets repeated after few weeks or few months. Apart from this, sleeping pill may cause various health complications. Hence, the best way is to consult a psychiatrist and avoid stressful life style.