Essential Oils for Beauty and Luxury

Essential oils are commonly used in aromatherapy treatments as the oils are known to have curative powers against several common ailments like common colds, fever, headaches and body ache. These oils are great because they treat a variety of ailments and they can be administered in the comfort of your own home.

The oils are used not only for treatments of ailments the oils can also be used for beauty treatments. Let’s look at some of the most common essential oils and how they serve us as beauty treatments and as medication or ailments.

Lavender oil is known to be one of the most effective oils in the cure of several ailments. The oils are known to cure sleep disorders, relieve stress and also improve any digestive disorders. Lavender oil is used in aromatherapy treatments mainly to relive symptoms of stress. You can add a few drops of the oil to your bath water or simply use the oil in a diffuser and reap the benefits.

Tea tree oil is used in a lot of treatments too. The oil is mainly used to treat skin ailments like acne, insect bites, and skin diseases like eczema. The oil is also administered to those suffering from common cold, congestion as a result of the cold, flu and several different forms of fever. Tea tree oil can be used directly on the skin in order to cure the disease. In order to treat cold and fever the oil must be used in steam inhalation treatments.

Most aromatherapy practitioners believe that the best way to administer the oils is in a warm bath. You can pour the oil directly in to the bath water or use leaves and springs of the herb in a bag and tie it to the tap that is linked to the bathtub. The hot water will diffuse the herb and the aroma will spread through the water. This is an effective way to use the essential oil.

You can also sprinkle essential oils in your bath salts and add them to your bath water. I use bath salts and soak my feet in them every day. It helps to relieve stress and reduces that pain in my feet. That’s the last thing I do every night and I enjoy blissful rest.