Essential Oils for Common Ailments

The essential oils of various plants are being used for the treatment of various common ailments since a long time. These essential oils can be used for the treatment of both the mind and the body. The medicinal characteristics of different parts of medicinal plants are very helpful in treatment of common health disorders. These parts may include leaves, flowers, roots, stem or the seeds. The essential oils made from various parts of the plants are becoming more and more popular today. The treatment through essential oils is very safe and natural treatment.

Hence aromatherapy is a wonderful therapy used for treatment of physical and mental disorders. It can be practiced by a person of any age group and any sex. However there are some precautionary measurements associated with the use of essential oils. A proper knowledge of use of these essential oils is necessary to avoid any ill-happening. The major way of using essential oils are inhalation and external use on skin.

Aromatherapy is very helpful in treatment of asthma. It is an excellent treatment for all sort of skin disorders. However there are some specific types of essential oils which can make skin more sensitive to allergies. It is always good to use the pure form of essential oils. If a blend is being used, it should be blended in proper proportions. The extracts should be diluted before use.

In some cases oral consumption of these essential oils may lead to the complications to the internal body organs. The alcohol which is used as a base of these oils is toxic and not of consumption quality. These oils should be kept in dark to avoid any adverse reaction with the sunlight. They should also be kept away from the children. A person who is suffering from lack of concentration can enhance concentration through this therapy.

Digestion can be improved by some essential oils. Some oils like camphor and bitter almond are dangerous to keep at home. The bitter almond oil contains formaldehyde which is very hazardous for skin and internal organs, if swallowed accidentally. Oils like chamomile have been found to induce drowsiness. Some oils like rosemary and sage can be risky for pregnant ladies.