6 Foods That Cause Constipation


6 Foods That Cause Constipation

It is better to nip the problem in the bud; hence, eating right food and avoiding foods that cause constipation is the simplest way to keep this discomforting health problem at bay. What you eat in your day today routine can really be the cause of your constipation.

The foods that cause constipation are usually low in fiber content. The daily required amount of fiber from food is 20 to 35 grams for every person, but studies have shown that people on average get only half the required amount of fiber from food, chiefly because of your dietary choices.

Everyday Foods That Cause Constipation

Some Milk Products

Some Milk Products Cause Of Constipation

Some dairy products, especially cheese and ice cream, have been known to cause constipation in many people. Cheese and ice creams have high quantities of fat and very low fiber content which is stressful for the digestive system. Some people also get constipation by having milk, this is more commonly observed in small kids.

Red Meat

Red Meat Cause Of Constipation

Red meat is not a cause of constipation in itself, it has been proved that people who consume red meat on everyday basis reduce the amount of fiber rich foods from their diet. Hence, you must make sure that you add lots of salads with your serving of red meat to avoid constipation.


Snacks such as wafers and candy bars are serious constipating foods. People replace fiber rich foods with snacks items all the times, depriving their body of the required amount of fiber in it.

Snacks Cause Of Constipation

Snacks items usually are high in fat which makes the digestion process sluggish causing you to feel bloated and constipated too often. Replace unhealthy snacks with low fat foods that contain whole grains to avoid constipation and improve your digestion process.

Cookies and Refined Food Products

Cookies and other refined food products cause constipation because of three main reasons; they are low in fiber, and have high fat content in them and low fluid content, in them. One must try and replace them with high fiber desserts such as fruit salads to avoid constipation.

Cookies Cause Of Constipation

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Unripened Bananas

You would be amazed to know that bananas can cause constipation and treat it as well. Eating unripened bananas can cause constipation. However, ripened bananas have high soluble fiber content and can treat constipation. You must really make sure that the banana you eat is ripened and not green unripened one.

Unripened Bananas Cause Of Constipation

Fried Foods

Oily, fried foods (like finger chips, onion rings or Indian samosas) tend to make the movement of food through the digestive tract sluggish. These foods are binding in nature and cause constipation as they take a long time to digest.

Foods such as fish and chicken are good for health but having fried chicken or fried fish is bad for your constipation. Cooking methods such as steaming and boiling are healthier options.You can definitely find constipation relief by replacing the above foods that cause constipation with healthier high-fiber choices that helps to prevent it.

Fried Foods Cause Of Constipation