Everything you can do to relieve your high levels of stress

It is unfortunate but true. Stress is become a part of our everyday life and there is not a person alive who can state that they live a stress-free life. Simple things in life like waking up on time, not missing a bus to the office, finances and even your children’s assignments can cause a great degree of stress. Stress is directly related to the number of suicides, high blood cholesterol, vertigo, high blood pressure, coronary issues and even loss of appetite.

Now, with so much to loose there is definitely something that you need to do about it. There are plenty of medicines available however natural remedies and preventive measures are a great option too. I have a list of a few things that ii do to reduce my stress levels. They may not have drastic results but they work and calm me down.

When you begin to experience high amounts of stress your heart begins to beat fast, your body may loose all sensation and you may also experience sweat outbursts and redness on the face. At this stage you need to let go of your fear and try to relax else your body will break down. Drinking a glass of cold water with ice cubes in it works to reduce your stress levels and also give you an opportunity to let go of your anxiety for a few minutes.

When you are at the peak of your stress you need to let go of everything and take a break from reality for a few minutes. I believe in the power of meditation. It has helped me a great deal. Go to a quiet room where you can be alone. Shut the doors and windows so that the room in dark and devoid of noise.

If you are at home you can light a few aromatherapy scented candles. Sit on the floor (or a chair if you are not comfortable on the floor) and close your eyes.

Begin to focus on your breathing and meditate. Take long breaths as you inhale and hold it for a few seconds before you exhale. This form of meditation will help you to relax; it will calm your body. Continue to do this for a few minutes.

Don’t think of any situations and forget about your reality for a few minutes. When you are able to relax completely you can open your eyes and sit in the quit dark room for a few minutes. Rationalize the issue at hand and then take your time before you go back to face your stressors.