A Natural Approach To Excessive Sweating Treatment

Excessive Sweating Treatment

Sweating is a common experience among every human being. It is something that body does to cool itself. It comes out as salty water, which includes body waste. The malfunction and over activity of sweat glands can lead to the condition called Hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating.

Sometimes excessive perspiration becomes embarrassing and turns into more serious problem. It is a normal part of life for every people to sweat, but too much of sweating makes one feel awkward and it may indicate a few disorders in the body. Near about 3% of the world’s population suffers from this disorder.


The excessive hand or foot sweating is a symptom of this hazard. It generally takes place under the arms, on the neck pelvic area and palms. Take a look about at some of the causes of this disease.

Causes of sweating

Excessive workout

When our body needs to eliminate bacteria from our skin, it does so naturally through sweating. Excessive workout during hot environmental conditions can be the cause of it. Being overweight can also be a cause of excessive sweating.Many people suffer from some syndromes like anxiety, stress, panic attacks, etc. These problems can be the cause of too much sweating. People who have some diseases like diabetes, blood pressure, gout, cancer, or thyroid problems may sweat in excess level.

Natural Excessive Sweating Treatment Remedies

Gooseberry Juice

Prepare juice of gooseberry all over the body for up to 10 minutes before bath, as it will help you to treat the problem. Mix a small amount of sea salt with buttermilk or lime juice and massage your body with the mixture. Make a paste of roasted green gram powder with water and then rub it over the affected area to get better relief from this syndrome.


Brinjal is one of the best natural elements to cure the problem. Apply raw brinjal paste on the body and you will get relief from excessive sweating.Drinking juice of apple cider vinegar mixed with pure honey is beneficial. You can also try drinking a cup of hot ginger tea twice in day as it has natural elements to prevent the disorder. In addition, taking tomato juice on a regular basis can help you to control excessive sweating.