Exercises To Keep Your Knees Fit

Many people suffer from knee problems. Therefore it becomes very important to take care of knees. Knee supports our entire body weight. This characteristic of knee makes it one of the most important joints in our body. It is the joint in lower extreme connecting three bones like thigh bone, patella and leg bone. It is the most common sites for acute injury and diseases like osteoarthritis.

Knee injuries can be prevented to a large extent if the muscles that support the knee are strengthened. Weak muscles are not able to support the knee joint properly. Strengthening muscles from exercises can make them tight and flexible. The precautions should be taken not to overstretch the knee muscles. Our goal is to prevent injury and pain of knee and not to cause it.

When you will begin knee exercises, you can feel some tear and stress in your knee muscles. This tear is normal and when it heals it result in bigger, firmer and stronger muscles. Always try to exercise a group of muscles on alternate basis to provide time for healing. Strengthening knee exercises should be done thrice a week. Always take rest after knee exercises. If the pain remains for longer time never avoid it. Applying ice wrapped in a cloth can help in reducing pain.

The two main muscle groups that help in knee movement are the quadriceps and the hamstrings. The quadriceps helps in extending legs while standing, walking upstairs and running. The hamstrings on the other hand, help in bending knees when you are pushing against something. All the muscles of knees should be taken care of while performing strengthening exercises.

Along with strengthening exercises, knee balancing and stretching exercises can also be done. These exercises provide variety to knee exercises and are very helpful in reducing pain. Before beginning these exercises consult your doctor and make sure these exercises are safe for you. At the beginning of any exercise give your knee joints and muscles few minutes of warm up and stretching. All movements should be done slowly and steadily.

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