Eye Exercises To Improve Vision

Exercises of eye can not only lead to improved vision but can also cause remarkable improvement in the eyesight. Eye exercises are probably one of the best ways to improve the natural eyesight of a person. Fatigue, stress as well as excess intake of caffeine are some of the potent cause of different kinds of common eye problem that an individual faces in his lifetime.

Nearsightedness, farsightedness, dry eye syndrome, astigmatism and so on are some of these problems. Eye exercises in order to improve vision are not only helpful but are simple as well and can be performed at any place. These exercises just need a few minutes to be carried out. Here are some of the exercises that help an individual to improve his eye vision:

Blinking: One of the best ways to improve the vision of the eyes is by blinking. Many of us are unaware of this simple yet helpful fact. Blinking is done in order to keep the eyes fresh, less strained, lubricated and to prevent it from getting too dried up. Hence blinking is an extremely helpful exercise and one needs to blink at regular intervals in order to keep his eyes fresh and healthy.

Palming: Palming is one of the best ways to relieve eye strain and is thought as an extremely helpful and popular exercise that helps to improve the vision of the eyes. Firstly, the individual needs to warm up the hands by rubbing them together and then place the palms gently on the eyes so as to cover them up. The palms needs to be placed for a period of three minutes and the person must make sure that no light gets in during this period. This exercise helps to alleviate the individual of certain problems caused from eye strain like migraines and headaches.

Rolling exercise: Another helpful way of improving eyesight is by conducting the rolling exercise of the eyes. The aim of this exercise is to improve the strength of the muscles of the eyes. The person needs to move the eyes upwards and then roll the eyes first in clockwise and then in anticlockwise direction.