Eye laser treatment – Is it safe?

With the introduction of eye laser treatment, glasses or contact lens has now become a matter of the past. With the technological advancement of the modern era, laser eye surgery is now the exact life altering process that one had been looking for. Laser eye treatment has changed our lives in many a ways.

Now-a-days no individuals have to worry about his contact lenses or glasses and can take pleasure in all his desired activities to the full extent. The surgery usually takes about 15 minutes to an hour but the recovery process varies from one person to another and can fluctuate from days to months.

This advancement of science and technology has proved to be a boon. However, it is essential to learn about certain facts regarding the eye laser treatment.

Loss of vision: Complete loss of vision is extremely rare in eye laser treatment. However, there have been some reports of partial loss of vision due to laser surgery but that statistics is also very low and comes to about only 3%. Monovision correction is a process in which one eye is set for near sightedness while the other for farsightedness. This has the highest risk of incorrect vision.

Aberrations: There can be many aberrations in vision with the laser cure of eyes. Stunning halos, massive starbursts, double vision, and ghosting are some of the aberrations that might occur after the treatment. These vision impairments can cause acute headaches as well as failure to conduct even simple basic tasks and additional surgery is the only alternative in these cases.

Professional consultation is a must in order to decide whether one is suitable for laser eye treatment. Laser eye surgery does not work wonders for each and every individual. Hence it is not safe for every individual. Grievance and impractical expectations are the grounds of the basic cause of patient dissatisfaction. The people who are physically involved in combat sports and are prone to getting injuries to the eyes and the face on a regular basis like boxing, MMR, etc. should avert the idea of going for eye laser treatment.