Face Massages to Relieve Sinus Congestion

If you suffer from sinus congestion then you probably have a heavy head. You may also experience watery discharge from the eyes as well as severe headaches. These symptoms can disrupt your entire day and in order to prevent this from happening you need to look at different ways to cure the sinus. The best way to do this is to reduce congestion. One of the latest techniques used to treat this condition is facial massages. They help to reduce the symptoms and control congestion.

In order to control the congestion you need to apply pressure on the forehead. This reduces the congestion and eliminates the mucus from the nasal canal. If the sinus passages are blocked then it could lead to a severe infection and hence this must be kept under control. If the sinus blocks the nasal canal it could lead to severe pain in the ears and the head. Apply pressure on the forehead to prevent this condition from being disruptive. Eucalyptus oil helps to ease sinus pains and can be used to treat and prevent the congestion from spreading.

A facial massage will also help to reduce sinus congestion. Use vitamin E oil and apply pressure on your forehead and move your fingertips downwards. This will help the open blocked sinuses. The mucus will flow downwards and will eliminate itself through the nose.

Use steam treatment to ease the sinus congestion and then massage your face. Steam will help to open blocked the blocked nasal congestion and this will ease the congestion. Instead of using steam you could also use a hot compress. Apply a hot towel or a hot water bottle will help to make the mucus thin and this will help to eliminate the mucus and reduce congestion.

If you are using this treatment on yourself then use your index fingers to apply pressure. With the help of your fingers apply pressure on the outer side of your nose and move downwards. As you apply pressure the mucus will move downwards and will eliminate itself from the body.