Facial Skin Care Tips for Combination Skin Type

If the skin on your forehead and nose is oily while the rest of your face is normal then you have combination skin. This happens because these areas have more oil glands and they tend to secrete the oils. This skin type has an issue with several skin care problems ranging from acne breakouts to drying and flaking of the other areas of your skin.

How to care for combination skin type

Once you have diagnosed your skin type you need to first start taking care of your face as a whole entity and then move on to taking care of the different areas with different skin types.

Start with washing your face with warm water and an anti bacteria soap. This helps to get rid of the dirt, oil and pollutants from your skin. Wash your face three times a day, anything more than that will damage your skin. If you wash less than that then you risk dirt and oil clogging your pores.

Use an oil free moisturizer all over your face, this helps to moisturize the dry skin and balance the oil on the other parts. Use matte foundations and dusting powder to control the oil on your face.

Once a week, use a mask that is meant to be take care of acne and blackheads and apply it only to the oily parts of your skin. For a natural remedy soak oatmeal in a few drops of water and apply it to your face. The grains will soak the excess oils from your face and leave your face looking refreshed and oil free.

For the dry areas on your skin use almond oil every night and massage it into your skin. The oil will hydrate your skin and help to reduce the flakiness and dry skin.

Follow a strict skin care regime and do not over do the use of products on your face as it will lead to complication and damage your skin.