Facts about knee exercises

It is a growing fact that exercise increases the joint function and decreases the occurrence of bleeding. Our knees take a huge number of penalties all through their life. Our subtle and delicate knees can be affected by running, sports and stairs. By strengthening the quad (thigh) muscles, the knees can be helped a lot.

Knee joints are supported by the strongest muscle of our body. And if the quads are stronger, the knee joint muscles will be much stronger. Muscles can be made tight through strengthening exercises, hence one need to follow strength exercises with stretching exercises.

Stretching muscles: It is very important to stretch the muscles that support the knee with quite a number of knee exercises so as to prevent injury to knees. Flexible muscles can hardly be injured, but the tight muscles can be injured very easily. A knee can also be pulled out of alignment if the muscles are very tight. While going through the stretching exercises, one has to be  careful to go  slowly so that the muscles are not over stretched, as nobody wants the muscles to tear while performing the exercises. By walking for a few minutes before starting any exercise gives the muscles some time to get warmed up before one starts stretching.

Building strength: It is always important for people to involve oneself in an exercise program that helps increasing the power of the muscles around the knees, increase the joint’s range of movement and strengthening the exercises that help in the mobility of the joints. One needs to exercise for endurance, which increases the overall strength and stamina in order to keep the joint muscles strong. The muscles or ligaments when stressed beyond limits, microscopic tear takes place. When these tears are healed, the muscles become bigger, firmer and stronger but one must give the body time to recover by not exercising the same muscle group two days in a row.

Injury to be avoided: For many persons, the greatest obstacle to exercise is the fear of injury. Movements should be started slowly but steadily and regularly and there should not be any bounces so as to prevent injury to the knee muscles. One must not rush through the exercises. One might experience some bleeding at first but as the strength of the muscles increase, this bleeding will stop gradually. Pain is a way by which the body tells you not to hurt yourself any further. It is very difficult to know when to quit when one is going through knee exercises. The result might be that the pain might set in after a day or two, it is when we will try to find out the exercising limitations of our body.