Facts about Lasik eye care

Lasik is a refractive surgical procedure, which helps, in accurate correction of myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism. Some risk issue is that 53% of the laser eye surgery patients face at least a single side effect after the conduction of this surgery and around 22% have problems even after six months of surgery. After the surgery, dry eyes and night vision problems are very common, though they are not looked upon as complications by many physicians. Serious complications like delayed ectasia, which occurs years after the Lasik surgery are dangerous for eye vision.

A number of researches have proven that 48% of biochemical strength of the cornea is reduced after the conduction of this surgery. In spite of the number of risk factors in this surgery and although various media reports have proven that Lasik is a harmful surgery, still a huge number of Lasik surgeries are being carried out everyday.

Lasik eye care facts:

Lasik surgery is a procedure of laser surgery, which is mainly conducted to improve the vision of the eyes or for correctness of vision. In this procedure, laser is used, which is controlled by the computer to restructure the cornea of the eyes. Before going in for a Lasik procedure, one need to go through a series of eye tests, which makes sure that the the eyesight has been stable for the past around two years.

In normal vision, the cornea bends the light that enters the eye, which produces a sharp image on the retina that is located at the back of the eye. For a person suffering from visual error, the light is bend in such a way that a blurred image is formed. The use of spectacles or contact lenses helps in curving the light so that when it falls on the retina, a clear sharp image is produced. However, in Lasik surgery the cornea’s curvature is altered so that the light focuses sharply on the retina.

Lasik eye surgery is used to correct the short sightedness or long sightedness of vision and stigmatism. Old aged patients who have age connected vision troubles cannot get any help from Lasik surgery. This surgery is only appropriate for patients who are in good physical shape and above 21 years of age and has eyesight that has been steady for the past two years.

According to some reviews of New York, Washington, London and so on the surgery has lead to a life without any eye problems or pains and there has been no need to take care of glasses. With the help of this surgery, one can lead a carefree life and anyone willing to undergo this surgery can carry on without any hesitation.