Facts About Prostate Cancer

Lot of emphasis is given on women’s health. Men are often left out in case of their health as they are considered stronger and tougher. However we all know that health is one aspect which does not depends on just physically being strong. A person needs to care for his or her health in today’s polluted environment and unhealthy lifestyle. Men should take care of their health once they start showing their age.

Many problems can become part of one’s life if not taken care of them properly. Prostrate cancer is one of such disorder which is affecting large number of men population as they cross the age of 40. The causes of prostrate cancer range from genetic to environmental factors. Hormonal changes, irregular diet, excessive smoking and drinking are some of the other reasons associated with cancer of prostrate.

As with other cancers, it is difficult to diagnose prostrate cancer in initial stages. The symptoms of the disease also are not visible in early stages. But it’s always better to take precautions like keeping a check on appearance of any symptoms which can indicate a possible cancer. If a person urinates often during the day, if one faces difficult before or after urination, if the urination has burning sensation, if there is blood in the urine or semen, if there is regular pain in the reproductive area for no apparent reason then going for a medical check up is necessary to avoid any chance of the disease.

Once the cancer of prostrate reaches the advancing stage, it starts spreading away from prostrate to other body parts through lymph nodes. Doctors perform many diagnostic tests like digital rectal examination, measuring prostrate specific antigen level and ultra sound scan. If the cancer is detected in the earlier stages then it is curable to large extent.

Treatment of the disease depends upon the health, age and normal circumstances of the patient. Therapy for the prostrate cancer can include prostatectomy, hormone therapy, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Some side effects are associated with the treatment of the cancer. Taking medical prescription is always safe in such cases.