Facts about wrist strengthening exercises

Strengthening of wrists helps a person’s hold to become strong. Regular wrist strengthening exercises make a person’s fingers, hands, forearm along with the wrists strong and healthy. It is compulsory for a sports person or an athlete to undertake regular wrist training exercises. There are a number of exercises that help in building stronger wrists. The three basic exercises besides other exercises that make the wrists stronger are wrist curls, wrist extensions and stress ball squeezes.Wrist curls: The usual exercise in strengthening the wrist and increasing forearm is the wrist curls. This exercise helps in building the muscles of the lower forearm. Two things are required in performing this exercise. They are a flat surface and a light dumbbell or a curl bar. One has to lay the forearm in such a way that the wrists droop off the edge. Then the weight has to be curled towards you. This can be done in the opposite way by turn over the hands and the wrists have to be bent in the opposite direction to do the reverse wrist locks. These exercises should be performed to the extent that the forearms are drained during each set of lifts as muscle letdown forces the body to familiarize you to rising potency.

Wrist extensions: Wrist curls and the wrist extensions have the same fundamental exercises. The only difference between them is that the palm should be faced towards the floor instead of facing it upwards. One has to sit on a bench with the knees folded. Then with the dumbbell in one hand with the palm facing downwards and the forearms resting on the thighs, one has to draw the wrist with the dumbbell backside towards the body and then gradually come back to the starting pose.

Stress ball squeezes: This is a very simple yet effective exercise for the strengthening of wrists. The only thing that is required is a squeeze ball or any ball that can be contracted and released. One has to squeeze the ball with one hand three times and then thrown towards a target as hard as one can. Again this has to be repeated with the other hand. This set of exercise needs to be completed three sets of 20. This exercise is very good for the grip strength.

These sets of exercises are very helpful in strengthening the grip and increasing the strength of the wrists, and they need to be done two to three times a week for a much strong wrist.