Facts Related to Aromatherapy

The fragrance of essential oils extracted from various parts of the plants is the basic of the aromatherapy. The essential oil present in a particular blend decides its use and significance. One type of essential oil can be used for curing more than one ailment. Therapists and experts know what strength of a particular essential oil should be used for a particular purpose.

Generally these essential oils come in highly concentrated form and the required strength can be achieved by diluting it or blending it with other oils. The fragrance of these essential oils, through bloodstream, reaches different parts of our body and reacts with enzymes and hormones present in our body. This way a positive energy is circulated throughout our body. The pleasant and sweet fragrance of these essential oils uplifts the state of mind and restores the body energy level. We feel mentally revived and physical more powerful.

Aromatherapy describes two ways of using these essential oils for treatment of common ailments and for storing positive energy in the body. These two ways are external application and inhalation. The sweet fragrance of these essential oils is very helpful in reducing stress and other mental tensions. Moreover they are also helpful in regain the lost potential of the body. They uplift the state of mind by removing the negative energy from our body and storing the positive energy. We become more constructive and more creative.

Inhalation can be done in two ways i.e., applying directly to the affected area which is termed as direct inhalation and treating the surrounding area by a particular fragrance or scent which is termed as indirect inhalation.

The basic information of these essential oils is necessary to avoid any hazardous situation. If you don’t have a clear knowledge of these essential oils, you must consult an expert or the therapist. Blending of essential oils should be done very carefully. Overdose can lead to serious consequences, hence knowledge of proper dose of these essential oils is necessary. Though these is no such side effects associated with aromatherapy but proper blending, proper dose and use of right kind of essential oils are the key factors to know.

Common ailments like cough, cold, constipation, stress etc can easily be healed with aromatherapy but you should have knowledge of what essential oil should be used for curing a particular type of ailment. Consulting a therapist in this regard is always advisable.