Fast Foods Lead to Unhealthy Diet

In the present society, the busy schedules of our day to day life have led a lot of people to stop at the restaurants and intake fast food snacks. They are not only unhealthy as food but also ruin our daily diet schedule as well as exercise programs.
As per a number of researches in US, fast foods like Hamburgers and French fries can be as addictive as heroin. These researches further suggest that with the daily intake of fast food, people can become overly dependent on sugar and fat in fast food.

In the present circumstances, researches are dealing with the biological effects of the fast food that have the capability of dealing with the hormonal changes of the body which can make it quite difficult to control the habit of eating. As per some researchers, the brain loses its ability to control the hormones resulting in the deposition of fat within the body.

As per British researchers, repeated eating at McDonald’s or KFC or such fast food restaurants individuals tend to gain weight very likely and become obese. This is the chief cause of the growth of obesity with the intake of too much of fast foods.

Since the fast food contains high amount of calories, individuals depending on these food tend to gain weight very fast. The amount of calories that the body consumes with the eating at Big Mac or fries tends to be the same as that of gaining weight by the intake of pasta and salad.

The present society possesses a weak instinctive ability to recognize the foods with high energy density as we tend to assess the food with its size and portion. In fact, the fast food contains high calories than similar sized healthy meals. Hence we should be aware that we are being fooled into eating much more foods.

With the growth of obesity in our society, there is deposit of fat in the body. This deposited fat causes the clogging of arteries within the heart which ultimately leads to the rise of heart attacks. Researchers of San Francisco have proven that oxidized fat, a typical type of fat can lead to the development of plague in arteries.

Oxidized fat is found in high concentration in French fries, hamburgers as well as pizzas. On the contrary, our body necessitates high fiber along with good fat foods.

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