3 Fatigue Relief With Essential Oils


3 Essential Oils To Relief Fatigue

Medically, fatigue is described as the tiredness of the human beings. Fatigue is a state of awkwardness, which is also described as lethargy, exhaustion, languidness and so on. Fatigue can be both physical and mental. It can be a result of excess physical exertion, emotional stress and depression, low blood pressure, hormonal imbalances, poor nutrition and dieting and so on.

Essential oils help one to feel more energetic, productive and alive. Essential oils do help in providing relief to fatigue but if the cause of fatigue is due to health-related causes, it can provide only a short-term relief. To combat fatigue, one has to pamper him/her by taking a stimulating aromatherapy bath or shower, the first thing in the morning. Again inhaling the energy boosting essential oils throughout the day helps effectively in relieving fatigue.


Peppermint Oil

Peppermint essential oil is outstanding for psychological fatigue and depression, energizing the spirit, inspiring mental agility and improving concentration. It is effective in a range of ailments like nervous stress, fatigue, headache, migraine, faintness and so on. This oil not only helps in alleviating mental fatigue but also nausea and dizziness. Peppermint is a strong natural stimulant and is used to both reduce fatigue and recover mental clarity.


Rosemary is an essential oil that has a wide range of therapeutic effects. This oil is effective in overcoming mental and physical fatigue by stimulating the blood circulation and supporting the central nervous system.

Rosemary essential oil

Rosemary oil is extremely useful in relieving the symptoms of chronic fatigue by blending 5 drops of lemongrass and rosemary to one cup of water and steam as and when required.

Again, by blending 5 drops of spruce needle, 2 drops of cedarwood and 2 drop of peppermint, one can take care of the adrenal gland function, which might be the leading cause of the feeling of fatigue. These essential oils have to be added to the Jajoba oil and applied as perfume.

One can again stimulate the personal fatigue relief by blending 3 drops of orange, 2 drops of clary sage, 2 drops of coriander, 1 drop of helichrysum, jasmine, vetiver and palmarosa – one drop each. These essential oils have to be blended with one teaspoon of Jajoba oil and inhaled or applied as perfume.

Clary Sage Oil