4 Home Remedies For Fatty Liver

4 Remedies For Fatty Liver

Fatty liver is an ailment that is caused when large amount of triglyceride fat accumulates in the liver. Just accumulation of the fat does not damage the liver but on the other hand can lead to gain in weight or diabetes mellitus. Fatty liver can be caused due to the consumption of large amount of alcohol.

Lean diet and occurrences of ailments like tuberculosis and intestinal bypass surgery for obesity are some of the causes of fatty liver. There are varied causes of fatty liver. Obesity and dietary habits are also considered as some of the causes of fatty liver. Some of the symptoms of fatty liver are nausea, dry mouth, appetite loss, fever, mental confusion, weakness and fatigue. However there are varied natural cures for fatty liver and some of them are as follows:


Exercise: A large number of studies and researches have showed that fatty liver can be improved with the help of exercise. Walking is highly recommended exercise that helps the patients to get rid of fatty liver. Besides walking, swimming and cycling are also extremely good choices. Regular conduction of exercises not only helps to improve the LDL cholesterol level but also stimulates circulation thereby flushing out the fats from the liver.

Alcohol: Alcohol is considered as one of the vital reasons for fatty liver. Immediate steps must be taken to stop the intake of alcohol if the individual is prone to alcohol consumption. Ingestion of alcohol can cause the triggering of fat accumulation in the liver which can be dangerous for the already fatty liver.


Weight reduction: Weight reduction is the primary necessity of the individual who is suffering from fatty liver. Steps must be taken so that the weight is reduced and fatty liver can be combated effectively. Low carbohydrate diet is an effective way of fighting fatty liver. Intake of plenty of fresh green vegetables, fruits, raw nuts, proteins etc help in the curing of fatty liver.

Weight reduction

Herbs: Herbs play a
vital role in the battle against fatty liver. Powerful herbs like Dandelion, southern ginseng, gotu kola and milk thistle help to cure fatty liver.