Female Health Care with Herbs

Today’s science has proven that the women’s hormones are much more sensitive and susceptible to change than that of men. Hence more attention has to be paid to the female health. PMS, menstruation, menopause, perimenopause, etc. are some of the parts of the general health topics of the women. Hormones are inconsistent and they change with the slightest disparity of diets or physical activity. At times, even emotional upheavals are enough to make the women’s hormones go haywire. Hormonal imbalances are the main culprits for the large number of health disorders among women. Though some of the indications are related with other illnesses, their roots stay behind the unstable hormones.

In order to combat the hormonal imbalances, women have used herbal remedies safely and effectively for centuries. Herbs have been used in women’s healthiness to control hormones, reduce water preservation, diminish cramping and pain, mood elevation and to take care of various menstrual problems like missed out periods, heavy bleeding, PMS, menopause and extreme bleeding. Even pregnancy and natural child births are sustained by ancient herbal remedies.

Dong Quai: Dong quai is also called “female ginseng”, for its varied uses in different health disorders among the females. This herb is a traditional Chinese medicine and has been prescribed for different female health problems like painful menses, uterine bleeding and other abnormalities of the menstrual cycle. This herb is also used for menopausal women and it helps to overcome the indications of hot flashes, mood swings and night sweats. Besides these, dong quai helps in the strengthening of the immune system by increasing the production of white blood cells as well as in assisting the liver in getting rid of toxins from the body.

Black Cohosh: Black cohosh, also known as bugbane consists of various chemical constituents that mimic hormonal activities. This herb is extremely helpful for combating vaginal dryness, hot flashes and even depression that is sometimes associated with menopause. Though it is primarily known as “women’s herb”, it has been successfully used for treating muscle spasms, headaches and pain. Black cohosh has a special likeness for menopausal women and is used in methods to balance and control hormonal creation during menopause.

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