4 Symptoms of Knee Arthritis


Are you experiencing ache after walking long-drawn-out distances? Do you easily feel tired after walking for a short period? Well! If the answer is yes then there is every possibility that you are suffering from knee arthritis. Knee arthritis is a common ailment that most of the individuals in our modern society suffer from.

Symptoms of Knee Arthritis

Individuals of every age suffer from this type of ailment. An interesting fact that you may still be unaware of is that the symptoms of knee arthritis does not always exhibit gradual progression with time. There are many cases where patients report that the symptoms vary depending upon the weather.

General Symptoms Most Patients Likely to Suffer

The initial symptoms associated with knee arthritis include redness and swelling. In many other cases, individuals also experience continuous and everlasting pain. Individuals suffering from symptoms such as rigidity, bulge, skin redness and locking sensation might also be suffering from knee arthritis.

I myself have witnessed cases where patients suffering from arthritis show crunching sound too. Apart from the above-discussed symptoms a few of the others includes “give out” feeling in the joint, joint tenderness, pain, limited motion as well as joint swelling.

Location Of Pain

If you are still confused as what are really the symptoms of knee arthritis do not worry. Here you will get to know in a more detailed approach. The location of pain can help you to determine the real symptom of this ailment.

The location of pain generally occurs outside the knee, front portion of knee, inside the knee and back of the knee as well. You are most likely to suffer the back knee pain if there is immense collection of fluid. Feeling of pain at the front portion of the knee also serves as one of the other arthritis knee symptoms.

Location of pain

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Mobility- Symptoms Of Arthritis

Individuals suffering from knee arthritis are most likely to experience an effect on their mobility as well. Arthritis patients have their mobility unceasingly limited.  Limited mobility results since the surface of knee becomes lopsided.


Locking One Of The Other Symptoms Of Knee Arthritis

A common indication that Arthritis patients will most likely suffer from is locking. It is a relentless condition wherein the patients really find it difficult to straighten their knees. Locking condition among Arthritis patients may occur due to pain as well as physical blockage too.


Crunching and Grinding

Patients suffering from cartilage malfunctions also exhibit symptoms such as crunching and grinding. In order to verify the symptom do place your hand over the kneecap. You are most likely to experience a grinding/crunching sensation by doing so. You can also place your hand over bending the knee as a similar crunching sensation makes it clear that you are a victim of arthritis.

Though the above-discussed symptoms hold true yet you must realize that the symptoms varies depending on a number of factors. The symptoms also vary from one concerned individual to the other depending upon the physique of the concerned individual. Hence, it is always a wise idea to consult a doctor if you experience any of the above explained symptoms. It is never a wise idea to neglect any of the arthritis knee symptoms.