Few Natural Tips For Cancer Patients To Stay Healthy

Loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting and other eating problems that a cancer patient faces, may be handled positively by changing daily habits and routines. Few tips are given below that have worked successfully for many people.

cancer patient

Take your major meal at the time of the day when you feel least nausea and vomiting tendency. In most of the cases patients suffer less vomiting tendency in the morning.  Eat small frequent meals and snacks through out the day. It is better that cancer patients do not prepare their food of their own because food smells that comes out in the time of cooking may provoke nausea. If food is served cold or at room temperature it gives off less smell than hot food.

Natural Tips For Cancer Patients To Stay Healthy

Mouth sores are a major problem of cancer patients. Because of chemotherapy and side effects of other medicine mouth sores appear inside the mouth. For this reason any salty, spicy and acidic food creates problems inside the face. It is better to have sweet food when you have sores inside the mouth. Eat bland, pureed foods such as custard, rice, pudding, milk, eggs, porridge, blended soups etc.

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Cancer patients generally suffer from lack of appetite. So make your food visually attractive.  A few slices of colorful fruit and vegetable may add visual appeal to your less attractive dish like oatmeal. Use colorful napkin, beautiful dishes or attractive spoon and fork, colorful tablecloth to make the atmosphere pleasant. Try to eat with other family members to make the atmosphere light and joyful.

attractive food

If you have tremendous nausea problems then chew few ice cubes. It really works. But do not catch a cold. Cancer patients suffer from cold very much because they loose their natural immunity power due to immuno suppressive drugs. You may smell ginger candy or fresh lime to get rid of nausea. Chewing fresh ginger and drink lemon juice may help to remove the tendency of nausea.

Do not go to bed immediately after taking the food. It may trigger nausea or reflux. So sit on upright condition for at least half an hour after taking the meal.


Drink adequate water to flush out the toxin from the body. Cancer patients often suffer from diarrhea during chemotherapy. Avoid fatty foods during that time as it may worsen the situation.

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