Fibromyalgia Treatment With A Proper Diet Plan!


Fibromyalgia is a common problem among women who are above 35 years old. A person suffering form Fibromyalgia complains of joint pains, extreme fatigue, muscle pain and restlessness. According to some experts, there are no specific causes for Fibromyalgia and there is no treatment for this disorder that can guarantee you 100% relief. Sometimes you may feel that if you take adequate amount of rest, the pain will soon go away. But the truth is- it doesn’t show any signs of recovery even if you relax for a long time.

As there is no documented treatment available for Fibromyalgia, the experts often recommend the patient to take the help of a proper diet plan. And according to the reports, a good diet plan has really worked well for those ladies who always complained of tremendous muscle and joint pain due to Fibromyalgia.

In the following paragraphs we will give you enough idea on the foods that you must and must not include in your diet to say goodbye to Fibromyalgia.

Have low salt soups

Prepare some light and low salt soups at home. While preparing the soup, add a little bit of chopped beans, cabbage and small pieces of meat in it. If you want you can have all-vegetable soup too. But meat is important for curing Fibromyalgia; hence at times you should have light meat soup with low salt. Meat or chicken has high amount of vitamin B12, which helps to redevelop the connective tissues of your body.

Have a little red meat

A patient of Fibromyalgia must consume red meat everyday. However, huge amount of red meat is not good for a proper diet plan. So, have little meat every day or on alternate days. Like we have said earlier, meat is a rich source of Vitamin B 12 that helps in developing your bone tissues. In addition to that, red meat is also a good source of zinc and biotin which is very much needed for the patients of Fibromyalgia.

Cut down the fiber intake

We all know that fiber is very important for proper bowel movements but if you are a patient of fibromyalgia then it is advisable to reduce the consumption of fiber rich foods. High fiber diet can obstruct the assimilation of important vitamins and minerals that are highly needed to cure fibromyalgia. So, say no to whole wheat and other high fiber products.

Say no to sweets

Intake of sweets or foods that contain high amount of sugar can increase your pain. If you have a sweet tooth, try to have honey (in small quantity), rather than sugar or foods that contain fructose. And if you love candies, you will have to say good bye to them too!

No caffeine

You must avoid foods that contain high amount of caffeine. These are: tea, coffee, cold drinks, chocolates etc.

No High calorie foods

Junk foods, spicy foods and deep fried stuffs are also your major enemies, if you suffer from fibromyalgia. But if you feel like having them, try to prepare them at home (with less oil and spice) rather than buying from outside.


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