Fight Bad Breath- Learn Effective Home Remedies

Bad breath is a widespread difficulty of our society. Most of us are completely unaware of our bad breath problem, which has the full scope of interfering in our both public as well as our personal lives. This problem is extremely embarrassing in our social and professional lives as well.

Some of the potent causes of bad breath are eating the food that can cause bad breath like garlic or onion; dry mouth; building up of plague; food intolerance; post-nasal drip; building up of plague between the teeth and the gums; smoking; etc.However, there are a lot of effective home remedies that help a lot in the curing of bad breath.

Some of vital home remedies to fight bad breath are as follows:

Oral hygiene: Oral hygiene is the first step to the curing of bad breath. Good oral hygiene is vital for the battling of bad breath and in order to get rid of this problem, tooth must be brushed properly. In general, bad breath is the result of formation of bacteria in the mouth. Good oral hygiene can prevent the formation of bacteria inside the mouth and thereby fight bad breath.

Lemon or Lime water: Lime water is well-known as a good remedy for bad breath. Take some warm water and add some amount of lime or lemon juice in it. Mix it thoroughly and gargle it and rinse the mouth out with the mixture.

Cleaning tongue: In general, bad breath is usually caused from the bacteria that attack the coatings of the tongue, teeth as well as nasal passages. Studies and researches conducted in this purpose have successfully proved that the accumulation of bacteria at the back of the tongue leads to the bad breath. Hence cleaning and scrubbing of the tongue is extremely vital for the stopping of bad breath.

Dry mouth: Dry mouth is known to be another cause of bad breath. Hence, steps must be taken to keep the mouth moist in order to stop bad breath. Dry mouth results from decreased flow of saliva inside the mouth. Moist mouth helps in the decreased chances of bad breath.