6 Fitness Food for Women

6 Fitness Food for Women

Being fit and healthy are two things that woman want and need in life. While exercise helps you to be fit, it is extremely necessary for you to pay attention to your diet in order to lead a healthy well balanced life.

Milk is rich in calcium and there is nothing better than a cold glass of calcium boost early in the morning. It loads you with calcium and keeps the calories to a minimum. A chocolate shake satisfies your sugar cravings while a fruit flavored smoothie will add to your diet.

Milk For Women Fitness

The International Heart Association recommends consuming an egg daily. Do not skip the yolk as it adds to your cholesterol count. Eggs are loaded with iron and are a good source of lecithin.

Egg For Women Fitness

Carrots are a very good diet food. Even if not on a diet nibble carrot sticks during the day as a snack. Not only is it a healthy substitute to diet food, it also takes care of any sugar cravings that you may have. Carrot juice quenches your thirst on a hot summer day and the fiber works wonders for your health and skin.

Carrots For Women Fitness

Oranges are a fruit that you can lay your hands on all year round. They are an amazingly rich source of Vitamin C which helps repair muscle damage. A woman requires 70 mg of Vitamin C daily and a glass of Orange juice daily will qualify to complete the requirement.

Oranges For Women Fitness

Add an ounce of peanuts to your weekly diet. It will boost your stamina and increase your energy levels.

Eat potatoes regularly. That doesn’t mean you binge on fries everyday. A healthy meal of baked potatoes or mashed potatoes will do you a world of good. Its high sodium content helps you pack a punch of energy.

Potatoes For Women Fitness

Omega 3 fatty acids are the enemies of stress and fish like salmon are high in this omega 3. It also protects against heart diseases. If you are not particularly a fish eater, you can get your dose of omega 3 acids from poultry products like eggs, yogurt and milk and milk products. Soy is high in omega 3 content as well.

Omega 3 For Women Fitness

Last but not the least, the key to a healthy life is to drink lots of water. 8 to 10 glasses will do the trick. It helps hydrate your skin and release the unwanted toxins from your system.