Five Excellent Tips To Cure Itchy Skin Naturally


Itchy Skin Naturally

Itchy skin is an uncomfortable state of skin which creates irritating sensation. It is an inflammatory reaction of the skin. Because of irritation when you itch, you scratch your skin. That is why irritation is sometimes accompanied with burning sensation. Itchy skin is also called as pruritus. Causes of itchy skin can be many – skin rash, psoriasis or dermatitis, some internal diseases such as liver disease or kidney failure.

Too much sun exposure, change in diet, certain medicines also cause temporary itching condition. Itching can affect a small portion of the skin or some times it affects the whole body. The intensity of itching can vary according to the severity, duration and the underlying causes. This article will help you to treat the itching condition at home.

Right Type of Diet

healthy Diet

To control itching, one of the most effective steps is ideal diet. Itching occurs when our body becomes hot and toxins begin to accumulate on our body.  So drink enough water to keep your body cool. If you drink enough water and other fluids such as fruit and vegetable juice, soup, etc., through urine and bowel the toxins will go out of the body. Thus keeping your body cool and toxin free it will help to control itching.

Soak a table spoon of anise and sugar candy in a cup of water overnight. Next morning strain the water and mix equal amount of cold water. Mix everything well and drink it. Drink this mixture at least twice daily. In a few days you will find that rashes that used to create itching are no more and your body is cool now.  Crush few fresh neem leaves and drink the juice. It helps to keep your blood clean and toxin free. Chew some fresh basil leaves and eat it on an empty stomach. Both neem and basil leaves have antibiotic quality and they help to clean your body.

Regular Bathing


Bathe everyday to wash out dirt and oil from your body. Maintain hygiene. Use soap in the time of bathing. Take a scrubber to apply soap all over your body. Rub gently especially in areas where you are experiencing itching. If you rub harshly over rash, they will burst out and will create burning sensation.

After massaging soap, wash your body with plain water. Be sure that you wash away the last drop of soap because remaining soap may enhance your itching condition. After washing pat your body dry. Then sprinkle some talcum powder over your body. Talcum powder helps to keep our body dry and sweat free. Do not use body spray over your body if itching condition persists.

Wear Cotton Garments


When you feel itching condition, you must wear all cotton garments. Cotton is a natural thing and cotton fiber soaks your sweat well. Thus keep your body dry. Again cotton is a porous thing and it helps to flow air all over the body. Thus keep your body cool. Synthetic cloth is not at all good for skin and it enhances the skin irritation.

Home Remedies


Few home remedies are excellent for treating itching condition. Boil some neem leaves in water. Strain the juice. Make ice cube with this juice. After that rub this cube over the place where your skin is itching. This is effective especially when itching occurs due to heat rash in summer. Make sandal paste and apply it over your body. It gives you a cooling sensation and cure itching problem very quickly.

Aloe Vera

Take a tube of aloe vera, slit the tube and remove the gel. Mash it and apply It all over the body. Aloe vera is very effective to remove any type of skin disease including itching. Combination of aloe vera and sandalwood powder is very effective. Take some aloe vera jell and mix some sandalwood powder in it. Make a smooth paste and apply it over your skin. Keep it for 30-40 minutes and let it dry. After that bathe in cold water. Regular application of aloe vera and sandalwood will help to cure your itching condition within a week. If your itching condition occur due to some internal diseases such as malfunction of liver or kidney then the neem and turmeric paste is very effective. This paste is effective also for any type of itching. Soak some turmeric in water for an hour.

After it gets soft, crush and make a fine paste. Crush few neem leaves also. Mix these two things to make the pack. Then apply it over your body. Keep it for an hour and then wash with plain water. Use soap to remove the yellow color of the turmeric. Both turmeric and neem leaves have antiseptic quality and it helps to cure all types of itching condition.  Basil also has antiseptic quality. Crush some basil and rose petals. Apply it over your body. It makes your body cool and cures itching.

Moisturizing the Skin.


Some times itching occurs due to dry condition of your skin. So you have to apply moisturizer over your body to cure the itching condition. Pure coconut oil is a very good moisturizer. Take few drops of coconut oil, dilute it in rose water and massage it over your body. It will help to cure the dry condition. Being light olive oil penetrates deep into the skin when it is massaged on face or body, and provides a long lasting shield of moisturizer to keep skin smooth and supple. You can use olive oil as night cream or daily moisturizer.


You can also massage baby cream on your sensitive skin to moisturize it. Always apply oil or moisturizer on wet skin because moisturizer penetrates well in wet skin. Soap and other chemicals remove oil from your body. So use soap as little as possible if you suffer from dryness of skin. To remove dirt, use only the oil. Massage thick layer of coconut oil. Keep it for some times to penetrate and then with the help of your hand towel rub your body to remove dirt. Milk is also a good cleanser cum moisturizer. Dab a cotton ball in chilled milk and remove your dirt with it. Milk removes dirt without removing the natural moisturizer of your skin.

So follow these tips and cure all types of itching condition. In spite of taking all types of care if itching condition persists, go and take the help of your skin specialists.