5 Home Remedies For Ear Infection


5 Remedies For Ear Infection

Ear infection may create a painful situation. Though, in maximum time children suffer from ear infection, elder people also may suffer from it. Ear infection is a type of viral or bacterial infection. Main causes of ear infection are accumulation of wax in side ear, infections, nutritional deficiencies, cold attacks, etc. Whatever may be the cause of it, you must treat it with great care.

If the infection is at the very primary stage, you can treat the infection with different home remedies without using antibiotics or pain killer. This article will give you a few tips on home remedies to cure ear infection. Ear infection should be treated in time otherwise it may create lots of critical problems including deafness.

Home Remedy For Ear Infection


Salt For Ear Infection

Take some salt and heat it in a metal container. Now pour the hot salt on a cotton handkerchief. Knot it like a bag. Press the handkerchief on your ear which is aching. But before pressing the handkerchief tightly on your ear, be sure that your ear can tolerate the temperature of the salt.

After pressing the hot handkerchief, do not come in contact of water or drink cold water or anything immediately after pressing the handkerchief. Give the hot salt treatment on your ear for 10-15 minutes. Then wrap a muffler on your ear. Regular application of hot salt helps to cure ear infection and related pain very effectively.

Basil And Honey

Basil And Honey For Ear Infection

Crush basil leaves and extract the juice. Take a teaspoon honey and add 5-6 drops of basil juice with it. Take it on an empty stomach in the morning. Empty stomach, because it works well in empty stomach. Antiviral and antibacterial property of basil juice helps to cure infection inside ear and it works best when infection is due to sever cold attack. Practice this method every day. Regular intake of basil and honey helps to remove mucus that was accumulated inside the ear.


Garlic is very effective to cure ear infection very effectively and quickly. Antibacterial property of garlic helps to cure ear infection. Crush some cloves of garlic and extract the juice. Now with the help of bud apply the juice inside the ear twice daily. It will help to remove the cause of infection.

Garlic For Ear Infection

You can also make garlic oil by cocking 10 – 12 cloves of garlic in ½ cup pure mustard oil. Let the oil cool and with the help of bud apply garlic oil inside your ear everyday to get the benefit. Use garlic in your everyday meal. It will help to heal the infection.

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Tea Tree And Lavender Oil

Mix tea tree oil and lavender oil in equal amount. Pour 2-3 drops of this mixed oil in your ear. The oil will help to soften the accumulated wax. Now remove the wax with the help of bud. Cure ear infection in this way if it is due to wax accumulation. Moreover, both tea tree oil and lavender oil contain antifungal, antiseptic and antibacterial property. It helps to cure ear infection effectively from regular use.

Tea Tree And Lavender Oil For Ear Infection

Ginger Tea

Drink ginger tea everyday twice or thrice daily. It will help to cure ear infection. Boil some water, milk little amount of sugar and some chopped ginger accordingly for 5-6 minutes. Then strain the tea and drink it hot. You will get remedy.

Mix ginger juice and honey and drink it. It will help to cure ear infection. Follow these home remedies sincerely to cure ear infection. But, if the problem aggravates, do not hesitate to consult a doctor.

Ginger Tea For Ear Infection

Remedies For Ear Infection