5 Natural Cures To Treat Acne


5 Natural Cures To Treat Acne

Acne is a natural problem and it is really an embarrassing situation to have acne on your face all the time. Acne is not a fatal skin disease. But chronic acne and acne scar is very embarrassing. Acne should be treated from its very primary stage.

Causes of acne can be many – hormonal changes in our body during adolescence, lack of hygiene, side effects of different medicine and many more. There are hundreds of  methods by which you will be able to cure acne naturally.

5 Steps To Cure Acne Naturally


Steam is excellent for acne. Take some water in a container and boil it. Add few mint leaves or squeeze one whole lemon in it. Now cover your head with a thick cloth and take the steam.

Steam will help to open the pores of the skin which will help to clean your skin from the deep. It also helps to open the pores of the skin that have been blocked by oil, dirt and dead skin. Mint and lemon both have power to heal acne. For this reason when the mint or lemon steam gets to the depth of the skin, they heal acne easily.

Steam Reduce Acne


Cucumber is another excellent natural healer of  acne. Peel one cucumber, grate it and extract the juice. Freeze the juice to make  ice cubes out of it. Now take the residue of the cucumber and grate it in mixer.Apply that cucumber pulp on your skin. Cucumber has a cooling effect and controls the oil secretion. Moreover cucumber kills the bacteria which create acne.

Cucumber Reduce Acne

Mint To Cure Acne

Mint has excellent antibacterial qualities. Crush few fresh mint leaves and apply the paste on your acne affected skin. Mint cools down your skin, controls oil secretion and prevents acne.It is most effective during summertime when the weather is hot and humid. Boil some fresh mint juice in water and preserve this mint-water in the refrigerator. Wash your face with it at least 2-3 times a day.

Mint Reduce Acne

Conch Shell Powder

Conch shell powder or paste is very effective in curing acne and acne scar marks quickly. Take a clean conch shell. Rub it on a clean grinding-stone adding drops of water while rubbing. You will get a smooth paste.

Alternately, buy some conch-shell powder.  Then take a tablespoon of this powder. Use rosewater to make it into a smooth paste. Apply the paste over the acne. within a week you will start seeing the difference.

Conch Shell Powder Reduce Acne

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No skin care is enough for acne unless you take care of your diet. Drink enough water to clear the toxins from your body. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables because these contain high amount of vitamins and minerals. Eat bitter products such as bitter gourd, neem leaves, etc. These keep your liver in good condition and clean your blood.

Diet Reduce Acne

Stay away from carbonated fizzy drinks and junk food. These drinks contain a great amount of sugar and junk food contains huge amount of oil. Both sugar and oil aggravate the problem of acne. Chew basil leaves in an empty stomach in the morning. They have antibacterial effect and help to both prevent and cure acne.Finally, do not get much worried about acne because stress and strain also aggravate acne. Just follow these tips and hopefully you will get-acne free skin within a few days.

Natural Cures To Treat Acne