5 Vegetables and Fruits That Help Cure Stomach Ulcers


5 Vegetables and Fruits For Stomach Ulcers

Here is some wonderful news for those who suffer from stomach ulcers. One can get real help from five of the most common vegetables and fruits like ash gourd, bananas, cabbage, garlic and lime to cure stomach ulcers.

Stomach ulcers are caused by hyperacidity. Hydrochloric acid that helps in the breakup of food may at times also affect the lining of the stomach. Ash gourd is one of the important vegetables that could help a lot in this situation. Ash gourd is prepared by first grating it and squeezing out the juice. Then it is mixed with equal quantity of  water and should be taken as the first in the morning. One should avoid eating anything for at least two to three more hours. This juice helps to relieve the inflammation and swelling in the food pipe.

Fluids Juice For Stomach Ulcers

The next vegetable is cabbage, drink the juice of cabbage for anti-ulcer properties. Cabbage juice gives relief from pain, and has helped 19 out of 20 patients in getting instant relief. Detailed tests like x-rays and gastroscopy revealed marked improvement after a person having stomach ulcers started taking cabbage juice. In many cases the recovery time was lessened by one third.

Cabbage Juice For Stomach Ulcers

Banana, the poor man’s fruit plays a vital role in the cure of stomach ulcers. The powder of green banana has proved to be of great help in the cure of stomach ulcers. Banana with milk has helped chronic cases of stomach ulcers. Serotonin found in ripe banana helps to neutralize the excessive secretion of hydrochloric acid that causes great damage to the stomach lining. Pectin with Vitamin C present in bananas helps to coat the inflamed surface and heal it faster.

Banana For Stomach Ulcers

Garlic, the pungent yet healthy vegetable possesses anti ulcer properties. It helps to retard the damage caused by stomach ulcers. Studies show that alcoholics who suffer from stomach ulcers showed signs of lesser cell damage beneath the surface of the stomach lining. The mild irritation caused by garlic leads to the production of a protective hormone that strengthens the resistance of the stomach lining.

Garlic For Stomach Ulcers

Lime,the master in most home remedies is the fifth and last fruit/vegetable helping to cure stomach ulcers. It is real surprising that the citric acid in lime has an alkaline reaction.

This along with the mineral salts present in limejuice promote digestion and helps in absorption of fats and alcohol. Lime juice neutralizes the bile in the liver and removes the affects of greasy foods causing gastric acidity.

Lime Juice For Stomach Ulcers

To end, one need not just wait to be treated only by medicines, but can act real smart by taking these five fruits and vegetables to help themselves to cure stomach ulcers.

Vegetables and fruites Stomach Ulcers