Food Allergy Symptoms- How To Treat

There are certain kinds of food, which when consumed, can cause a person to become sick. It is the unusual reaction to a food that has been caused by the body’s immune system. These allergic responses can lead to grave illness and even demise of the person.

Among the adults, the foods that can mostly set off allergic reactions include lobster, eggs, shrimp, peanuts, crabs, tree nuts, seafood and wheat. It has been found that the children are mostly affected by the food allergies with the intake of milk, peanuts, soy formula as well as eggs. Itching of mouth, swelling of throat, trouble in swallowing and breathing, swelling of tongue and mouth, abdominal pain, diarrhea, nausea, runny nose, coughing, itchy, red and sore eyes, different reactions of the skin, lowering of blood pressure etc are some of the symptoms of food allergy. Here are some of the ways of treating food allergy symptoms:

Avoiding foods: The best way to treat food allergy is by avoiding the wrong allergen in the diet. Firstly, the patient needs to identify the food that causes trouble, when eaten. A person having this problem needs to be aware of the food that can cause food allergies with the consumption of the same. The moment the patient identifies the food to which he / she is sensitive, he / she should stop the intake of the offending foodstuff with immediate effect so as to avoid any further complications.

Cross reactivity: Cross reactivity is something that one should be always aware of especially if he / she is suffering from food allergy.

If an individual is allergic to certain foodstuff that belongs to a certain group (for example the tree nuts) it is always best to avoid the foods that belong to the same category like the cashews, walnuts, almonds etc as there are high chances for the individual to be allergic to the foods of the same grouping.

Vitamin C: Intake the foods that are rich in vitamin C. The consumption of such foods that are full of vitamin C can cause anti-allergen environment thereby helping in fighting the probabilities of food allergies.

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