4 Food and Herbs that Help to Fight Cancer


4 Food and Herbs that Help to Fight Cancer

A healthy diet is no more a thing of shame. You do not need to groan when the person who serves you your meals also informs you of the health benefits of what you are about to eat. If you are diagnosed with cancer, then it is extremely important that you watch your diet closely so that you are aware of what you are eating and avoid those foods that may acts as irritants to your medication.

Some foods help to shrink the size of the cancerous cells while others help to give your immune system a boost. There are many foods that help you to fight cancer and you must load up on as many as possible.

Olive Leaves

Take olive leaves for example. It has a photochemical in it that helps to fight cancerous cells. Since they are particularly tasty you can incorporate them in your food preparations as well.

You need to increase the levels of beta carotene in your diet. This can be attained from yellow and green fruits and vegetables. Carrots are especially good s a cure in cancer. Drink the juice, eat them raw in a salad, add it to soups or grate them and boil in milk for a tasty preparation. The beta carotene also helps to slow the growth of tumor growths.

Green Vegetables

Compared to other berries, strawberries have cancer fighting powers. Since they are a good source of Vitamin C they help to improve your immune system as well.


Other foods that help to fight cancer include papayas, red bell peppers, oranges, and cauliflower and kiwi fruits. You must try and eat these fruits and vegetables in the raw form as far as possible or the second best option would be juices. Boil or steam your vegetables but avoid cooking them in oil. If you must use oil then olive oil is the best option you have.