Foods and Herbs that Help to Boost the Immune System

An imbalance in your immune system shows directly on the way your body reacts. If your immune system is weak then it can result in a low WBC count and this can increase your sluggishness, weakness and make you dull. The foods that you eat have a direct impact on your health as they impact the immune system. Being aware of what are the best foods for you to improve the health of your immune system is the best way for you to keep your body in great shape.

If you begin to feel weak constantly or you are suffering from a constant cold then you will need to make certain changes in your diet. You will be surprised to know that many of the foods that you eat regularly are causing this weakness. If you feel weak then you must eliminate foods like tomatoes, caffeine and sweetened juices from your diet. Energy drinks can cause more harm than you can imagine and you may want to drop these foods completely.

You may wonder why you need to avoid tomatoes when they are a rich source of anti oxidants. Well, this is because when you eat tomatoes you increase the acidity in your body this cause you to feel uneasy. If you are looking at improving your immune system then you must avoid tomatoes.

When your immune system is not functioning well then your body begins to store excess quantities of sugar. When this happens; your white blood count automatically diminishes and you put yourself in danger. In order to avoid this you must avoid loading up on sugar. Eat foods that are devoid of refined sugar. If you must sweeten your food or drink then use honey as an alternative.

There are a number of herbs that help you to improve the health of your immune system. Most of these herbs are available at the local stores and hence you have easy access to them. These herbs not only help to boost your immune system; they also help to fight the infections that form in your body when your resistance was lowered.

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