Foods that are an Excellent Source of Protein

Eating healthy is important to make sure that you lose weight for good cardiovascular health and especially to avoid the long term effects of diabetes and other disease. The benefits of eating healthy are numerous if the diet is a balanced diet. Protein is an element which plays a vital role in any diet. It is not enough to just consume protein but to pay attention to where the protein is being derived from.

It should be obtained from healthy sources and it needs to be prepared properly in order for the body to absorb it properly and gain the maximum benefits out of it. There are various sources from which our body can obtain protein and most of these if prepared properly taste just great. Another important factor about eating healthy is the fact that one must remember that healthy food need not always be bland or tasteless.

When choosing meat, choose lean cuts. You can have chicken, pork, fish and seafood theses are loaded with proteins and are some of the best options for you. The pork should be cooked after taking off all the skin and excess fat to ensure that it is healthy for you. Chicken should also be cooked without its skin. Fish or seafood should be had at least twice or thrice in a week. Apart from its great protein content fish also has omega 3 fatty acids which is essential for a healthy body.

You should avoid eating red meat and organ meats also avoid pre processed meats as these have been known to increase the risks of getting heart diseases. Processed meats also have very high quantities of sodium and saturated fats which have negative effects on the overall health of the body.

Instead of cooking your food in oil you should opt for food that has been broiled, stir fried, baked or grill especially when it comes to meats. This helps avoid unsaturated fats from being added into the meat while it is being cooked and allows the fat from the meats itself to melt thus making it healthier for consumption. Avoid eating a lot of eggs in your diet and add beans, nuts and sprouts.

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