Foods that Contain Estrogen


There are two ways to look at estrogen rich foods. Those that suffer from low estrogen levels or a depleting sex drive need to eat foods that are high in estrogen; while those women that are suffering with cancer, breast feeding mothers and those that have cysts or fibroids must eat foods that are low in estrogen. Let’s evaluate the foods groups and how they affect your estrogen levels and then you can choose the foods that you need to eat or avoid.

As a woman ages, her estrogen levels reduce. This affects her sex drive and ability to reproduce. Stress and medications are two common reasons for lowered estrogen levels. It is important to maintain your estrogen levels in order to maintain the balance and the functioning of the body as it helps to fight other ailments and health problems.

Not all plants, vegetables, fruits and seeds in the plant kingdom help with the production of estrogen; on the contrary most of them work against the production and deplete the production of the hormone.

Some foods that are high in estrogen production are apples, tomatoes, potatoes, beets, grapes, grapefruits, dates, papayas, peas, peppers, chick peas, lentils, carrots and cherries.

Women who are diagnosed with breast cancer, fibroids, cysts and those that are nearing menopause must avoid foods that are high in estrogen. You must also stay away from these foods when you are suffering from PMS as the estrogen levels will cause aggravation and general discomfort.

Some foods that inhabit the production of estrogen include melons, onions, tapioca, white rice and white flour. Cabbage, corn, citrus fruits and green beans have the same effect on your estrogen levels.

Post menopause you must increase your consumption of soy based foods. These include soy beans, tofu and soy cheese.

Do not make any drastic changes in your diet unless you consult with your doctor and gynecologist. These professionals will analyze your medical history and background and together you can plan out a diet plan to suit your needs.