Foods that Help to Fight Cancer

We’ve all told ailing friend and relatives to eat to their hearts desire. Little did we know that there is so much truth to that statement. Research has proved that there are several foods that help us to fight cancerous tumors. This should not push you over to avoid prescription drugs or therapy.

To begin with you can spice up your food but not to drastically. Spices that are added t curries are known to have curative powers against cancerous tumors. Turmeric; a well known spice used mostly in Indian foods is known to prevent inflammation that is associated with cancer. The best way to increase your intake of turmeric is to add a pinch of it in hot milk. You can also choose to have mustard all over your sandwich as one of the main ingredients in the spread that gives it it’s bright yellow color is turmeric.

Load up on fish. It is well known that fish contains omega 3 fatty acids and proteins, Theses are extremely important nutrients for a person suffering from cancer. The idea is to increase your intake of fish to 3 times a week. You can choose from salmon, mackerel to tuna. Shell fish does not do harm either.

As much as you love your morning glass of orange juice it does nothing to cure your cancerous tumors, the zest on the other hand is miraculous. Grate the zest and add it to soups, salads, sandwiches and to fish preparations. The flavors work wonders for your appetite while the zest stimulates the body to produce detoxifying enzymes.

Yogurt that is high in protein is known to ward of many diseases. The liquid on the top is known to have the maximum nutrients so don’t throw it away. You can choose to pour some over oatmeal porridge for a nutritious breakfast that protects beyond your imagination.