Foods that Help to Reduce the Risk of a Heart Attack

Heart attacks are common to men and women the world over. With the changes in our lifestyle we put ourselves at risk of an attack no matter what age we are. Increasing stress and poor diet contributes to our deteriorating health. While we are in charge of being able to control this we must do our best to take care of it as must as possible.

Reducing unwanted stress is the key to a healthy life. There are a few dietary changes that we can make to reduce the risk of an attack. This doesn’t mean to say we need to skip our favorite foods; we just need to choose healthier preparations for them.

Increase your consumption of fish. They are a rich source of omega 3 fatty acids that are beneficial for your health. Mackerels, sardines and salmon are a very good option. Boil them and add them to salads or simply grill them with a salt marinade and serve topped with lemon juice for a healthy meal. Eat atleast 2 servings of fish every week.

Green tea is another option that helps to reduce heart related disorders. Research states that green tea reduces the risk of an attack by 31 percent. It is a healthy option since it is herbal as well as it keeps you away from colas, sodas and caffeine drinks.

Who would have thought that chocolate would be good for anything besides helping to form cavities in your mouth. Research states that dark chocolate has positive effects on your health. It helps to reduce the flow of blood as well as helps in blood clotting. Do not over indulge though as it will have negative effects.

No alcoholic beverage is known to have any positive effects with the exception of red wine. It is known to reduce heart related disorders and breast cancer.

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